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Living with Android 7.0 Nougat: The most important changes

Living with Android 7.0 Nougat: The most important changes

Android 7.zero Nougat has ultimately reached Google’s Nexus devices after greater than five months of developer preview testing. The final model is extra stable and has a ton of the latest features. a maximum number of phones received’t get a Nougat update for some months at the least, and that’ll handiest occur if the provider and OEM keep in mind it a excessive priority. What are you able to anticipate while that glorious day ultimately arrives? I’ve been using Nougat on both a Nexus 6P and a Pixel C for a previous couple of days. I gained’t trouble reciting all the features, which you may find a simple list of them on Google’s web page. Allow’s communicate approximately what it’s without a doubt like to use Android 7.0 Nougat as a everyday motive force.

Doze mode receives better.


For my part, Doze Mode in Android 6.zero was an essential function to ever display up in Android. It addressed an ongoing problem with telephones that could motive issues even for the maximum experienced customers. Now and then, you’d deploy an app, and it’d misbehave within the background, draining your battery while the cellphone sat idle. Doze Mode shuts all that down.

In Marshmallow, leaving the cellphone sitting for about 30 minutes might prompt Doze mode. Almost all apps might be placed to sleep and now not accredited by using the device to awaken till a ordinary update window turned into reached; otherwise, you picked up the cellphone. vital push notifications might nonetheless arrive at the same time as in Doze. In Nougat, Doze Mode does the equal thing, but it activates in extra situations. It’s now not confined only to while a tool is stationary. Thus, if the telephone is in your pocket, Doze Mode can still be activated. This has made a sizeable effective impact on my battery life over the last few days.

New notifications will take some getting used to

Notifications are one of the inventory Android capabilities most OEMs implement without a ton of adjustments. So, various users can be getting the brand new bundled Nougat notifications in the coming months. They’re an awful lot extra powerful than notifications in Marshmallow, however also a bit overwhelming in the beginning. NotifNougat bundles together all the active notifications from an app in a single expandable item. For instance, if you’ve been given numerous Gmail notifications, you can extend the Gmail notification to look at each one individually right in the notifications. You get the whole snippet preview of everyone as if it has been the best energetic notification. Plus, you can make bigger them to look at extra textual content and get movement buttons for each notification in the package deal. If you get quite a few emails, this will become a rather ungainly listing.

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Messaging apps that aid Nougat’s new direct reply function in notifications are restrained properly now, but I will’t wait for an extra of them to reveal up. Thisquick reply amplifies the notification and faucet in the embedded textual content box to type a response.

Multi-window has capability

one of the headlining features in Android 7.0 is help for multi-window apps in split-display screen. This turned into pretty interesting whilst Google introduced it, but it’s a bit disappointing in practice. The simple capability makes sense. You could lengthy-press the evaluate button to shrink your modern app all the way down to the top half of the screen (left half of in landscape) and convey up a listing of open apps to select one for the alternative half. The trouble, although, is developers don’t need to assist this selection in any respect.

At some stage in the developer preview, any app would go into split-screen, even supposing it didn’t work successfully. If an app is on a completely antique API stage or the developer opts to block multi-window, it won’t work. Most apps don’t have an official guide for multi-window to get a toast message mentioning that it might not make paintings correctly. I haven’t visible any primary troubles, though.