“Subtle range representation of biracial households suggests up in Nosy Crow’s Goldilocks and Little Bear app, wherein kids see dad and mom with distinctive skin/fur tones. (Photo: Nosy Crow)
Two e-book apps from Nosy Crow modernize conventional fairy stories and, in the technique, show biracial families. In the Goldilocks and Little Bear app, each Goldilock’s family and the endure own family displays parents of different skin/fur tones. Likewise, in Cinderella by using Nosy Crow, the skin tones of Cinderella and her prince are distinctive.

Non-white lead characters

In Disney’s Doc McStuffins: Mobile Clinic Rescue, players be part of Doc McStuffins in “doctoring” damaged toys. With Nickelodeon’s Dora and Friends, youngsters report lively stories by way of moving around Dora and her organization of pals. Both apps have the added gain of being playable in more than one languages.

Other sources for various lead characters are people testimonies from other countries. Grandma’s Great Gourd, the latest app from Literary Safari, stars a spunky Bengali grandma who outwits hungry forest animals trying to devour her. In addition to a fun tale, the app offers cultural recognition through brought sports. Literary Safari’s founder, Sandhya Nankani, helped to launch KIDMAP, an initiative that has created a unfastened toolkit to assist kid’s media builders in creating inclusive and diverse media.

Quash stereotypes

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While playing apps, children see representations of feasible career choices. Sometimes, apps negatively similarly stereotypes, together with when they only show boys using vans and most effective display women wanting to be models, actresses, and fashionistas. Many app developers have taken in this variety venture in high-quality approaches.

In Cool Careers Dress Up for Girls, app developer Laura Tallardy taps into a popular play pattern for ladies; however, in preference to imparting fashion fashions, she get dressed up is set a way to outfit judges, doctors, astronauts, senators, scientists, PC programmers and more.

Fox & Sheep’s Little Farmers – Tractors, Harvesters & Farm Animals for Kids suggests both women and men driving the huge machinery.

Take another look at Customer Loyalty
An enhanced customer experience greatly helps in building loyalty, thereby increasing the user retention rate. The better it is, the more users are likely to return to avail your service. Loyal customers account a major stake in the total number of customers of a company. Ranging from startups to global enterprises, every business gives prime importance to loyal customers. With the help of apps, businesses can start a loyalty program by providing attractive offers and discounts to the existing customers. This, in turn, will not only help in retaining customers but also increase revenue.

Take another look at Customer Appreciation
Empowering the customers for advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing is an effective way for small businesses. With the help of an app, users can easily share their opinions on the web including social media, send referrals or write online reviews as well. Word-of-mouth is one of the proven and powerful tactics of marketing and with it, the task becomes much easier.

Final word
Apps greatly help in transforming the course of your business, thereby making it more customer-centric and prospering. Thus, it is ideal for small businesses to reconsider