Home Computer Software Importance of Software Testers in the Software Testing Field

Importance of Software Testers in the Software Testing Field

Importance of Software Testers in the Software Testing Field

A couple of years ago, I was requested to provide a talk at a checking out the convention. The only part of the presentation that seemed to grab everyone’s attention became a tale I told about the Developer/testing Jigsaw.

Importance of Software Testers in the Software Testing Field 1

I think the motive it changed into so broadly universal became as it’s given within the form of a story, and we all like a tale, right?

So in case, you’re all sitting easily, then I’ll start.

There was as soon as a small boy and his father sitting down together one Sunday afternoon. The daddy said to his son, I have a small marvel for you. I have made you a bit jigsaw puzzle; it’s of a tree with grass and sky because of the background. Wow, said the little boy as his face lit up, are we able to do the jigsaw now, please?

Of route, said the dad.

So the dad tipped out all the pieces onto the mat and begun trying to put the jigsaw collectively. The son requested his dad if he should assist via looking at the image at the container and advising his father on which he thought the pieces had been intended to head. However, his father started, “no need – I created this puzzle so I recognize exactly the way it must cross collectively”. The daddy struggled on for every other 3 hours and wasn’t really any in getting the puzzle completed. He then was given in a temper and stated that he offers up and some pieces ought to have got lost.

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The son then took over and compared each piece to the box making sure that he turned into setting the portions wherein they were intended to go. He did the smart thing first with the aid of putting all the corner portions in which the notion they ought to pass. He checked out the box another time and thought that blue is the sky, the green is the grass, and the brown is the tree. So he separated the colored portions into 3 piles. He ultimately finished the puzzle in about forty-five mins. There is an obvious key to what is going on above in this tale.

The Son is the Tester

The field is the Functionality Specification Record. The Dad is the Developer. The jigsaw is the piece of software program that has been developed. Yes, developers can test code; in truth, I encourage it (peer critiques of other developers’ code and Unit tests), But they should no longer be the sole testers of code, specifically if the code is written with the aid of them. Taking place in that direction is a recipe for disaster.

The son who had by no means seen the jigsaw earlier than controlled to finish it in a faster time than his father and also in a greater methodical manner. Checking out is a mindset. It is an artwork that I and plenty of others spend every day attempting to best. Builders spend a maximum of their day writing code (additionally testing their code – Unit checks, etc.) I’m thinking about check pushed development, However, let’s now not forget that with specialization comes velocity and performance savings.