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Five Reasons Why iOS Is Superior to Android

Five Reasons Why iOS Is Superior to Android

Upon its launch, Google’s Android platform turned into anticipated to overhaul Apple’s iOS in each functionality and recognition. While a few would possibly argue the former expectation became fulfilled, analysts state that the iPhone remains to outsell Android-powered smartphones and that the iPad is dominating the tablet market. The first inception of the Android operating machine included application multi-tasking, push notifications, customizable wallpaper, a front dealing with the camera, and compatibility with multiple carriers. These capabilities, alongside numerous others, have been nowhere to be found on iOS. Since this time, Apple has caught up to Google and carried out the various at first missing capabilities into iOS. In doing so, they have been capable of keeping their spot atop of the telephone market, and right here are five reasons why:

Superior to Android

1. Superior User Interface

The look of the iOS interface is smooth and current. The vibrant colors and smooth photographs make the menus of the iPhone and iPad pretty to observe and a laugh to apply. More importantly, the interface is laid out to allow new customers to become familiar with the instructions and menus of the platform. The interface of the Android OS is much less clean-reduce than iOS because it requires the usage of multiple buttons: home, again, search, and settings. Devices strolling iOS own best one easy home button.

2. Compatibility with iTunes

iTunes has been the number one track issuer in the United States because it surpassed Wal-Mart in 2008. IOS can be used on the side of iTunes, allowing users to load their song library to their phone or pill. Within iTunes is the Apple App Store which incorporates 425,000 programs. The Android Market utility remember is simplest at 2 hundred,000. A bigger variety way a greater threat to discover the kind of application you are looking for.

3. Improved Multi-Tasking System

While iOS’s multitasking is not precisely “proper” multi-tasking, it has basically the same functionality as Android’s model of the characteristic, but without the stress at the battery lifestyles. The Android take on multi-tasking unnecessarily can depart programs jogging that serve no motive but wipe out the battery.

4. Better Security

In March 2011, Google discovered fifty-eight malicious package downloads in Android Market designed to music customers’ private information. 260,000 gadgets had been infected with the malware till Google remotely erased the utility from users’ smartphones. While the Android Market is open, Apple’s App Store has an inflexible approval procedure that software should skip before being usual. Because of this, iOS has in no way had a protection difficulty of that scope.

5. Consistency

The Android platform runs on some specific phones and capsules, but the interface is inconsistent from unit to unit. This means customers should adapt to a new interface on every occasion they start using a new Android product. iPods, iPhones, and iPads all have the identical fashionable layout and basic capability, allowing for easy use and a shorter gaining knowledge of curve when shopping for a brand new iOS product.

Superior to Android

With the call for iPhones achieving to its top, most corporations are drawing their shift toward constructing top-rated iOS apps, which will widen their purchaser base. However, the high considered necessary to construct a terrific iOS app is to hire an amazing app developer without whom your entire investment in cellular app development may pass in useless. Thus, it is of top significance to hire the proper expert on your challenge to meet your necessities perfectly. With the right studies and the industry evaluation, it becomes a lot easy to pick out the proper professional and adhering this reality. Here are some of the inherent features to look for in an app improvement expert.


While considering the sector of generation, staying updated is one of the maximum critical matters for an app developer. In-depth knowledge of the present-day iOS versions is considered necessary for the builders. Developing an app considering its latest version will help you stay ensured that it may provide a sophisticated enjoy to customers.


Different companies have different dreams and needs. Keeping this in mind, you must search for a professional who has applicable enjoy with paintings with diverse kinds of tasks. The developer needs to have the ability to comply with exceptional varieties of improvement concepts or practices for exceptional kinds of tasks. Offering a unique solution for your commercial enterprise will now not handiest make you stand aside within the enterprise but force greater patron engagement as properly.

Adaptive with technological advancements

Having a successful song record isn’t always sufficient pleasant to convey assured fulfillment for your app as nicely. Instead, verify whether the professional has the urge to convey something new to the table even as they soak up-fee of a brand new venture. The iOS industry is substantially dynamic, and consequently, it needs to preserve the right music with the rising technological tendencies.

Superior to Android


Punctuality is some other vital aspect which, is critical to consider while hiring an app developer. This issue covers specific full-size info consisting of time development updates of the assignment, fixed timing and date of the assembly, and plenty greater.


Another vicinity of the subject is to check the availability of the programmer. It is critical to observe that he can offer you the required help and assist effective verbal exchange through your preferred medium to discuss the continuing mission requirements and predicted final results. Choosing the proper iOS app improvement professional in your venture performs a first-rate role in determining the success of your mission. Thus, it is of utmost cost to bear in mind the aforesaid components earlier than you rent an expert and make certain to become a successful mission.