Here are a few thoughts I must improve iBooks in iOS 11 because I need to peer it be triumphant. As an avid reader, I became disappointed that there has been nary a point out of iBooks at WWDC 2017. I’m no longer just speaking about the app; I’m relating to Apple’s eBook atmosphere as a whole. I think upgrades may be made in both areas and that Apple may want to supply iBooks with a larger presence in physical Apple stores.

iBooks App

When it comes to books—or any form of content material—the two maximum critical capabilities for humans are discovery and sharing. The App Store is getting a prime to remodel in iOS 11, one designed to make it easier to discover new apps and games. I’d love to look Apple carry the same interest to iBooks. A new UI may want to function eBooks and audiobooks in new ways and make it easier for readers to figure out what to examine next. Another exchange coming to iOS 11 is the camera. We saw how the iPhone digital camera could experiment with QR codes and Wi-Fi router codes. When it involves iBooks in iOS 11, I want to test a book’s barcode/ISBN wide variety and be taken to the iBooks version.

Dear Apple, Please Don’t Give Up on iBooks in iOS 11 1

Concept image of iBooks in iOS eleven with URL scanning. Rough mockup of scanning an e book’s barcode to be taken to the iBooks version.

iBooks Store

Now, to the iBookstore surroundings. Apple ought to make it less difficult to self-post on iBooks. I’ve in no way personally used the iBooks Author app, but the consensus among many users is that it produces fabulous books; however, it is difficult to use. Apple must additionally take a cue from Amazon and make iBooks the most effective platform for self-publishing. While it’s viable to self-submit on iBooks today, the procedure isn’t as smooth as it’s far on Amazon Kindle.

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Some will disagree; however, Apple should take every other cue from each Amazon and Apple Music by way of presenting month-to-month iBooks subscriptions. I know next to not anything about the publishing enterprise, so I don’t understand if a month-to-month subscription like this would benefit authors or now not. But it’s worth thinking about, and Amazon already does it with Kindle Unlimited.

iBooks must additionally have higher guidelines. I know people devour books and track otherwise, but I’d want to see a weekly or monthly For You ebook playlist (or “realist”) that suggests books I may like to examine subsequent. Shareable realists would also be excellent. It may want to assist harness the strength of friend-to-buddy suggestions that has long pushed e-book sales, simply as a great deal because it has helped tune.

Currently, iBooks has a “More Books You Might Like” segment under the Featured tab, however, the recommendations are lousy and I almost in no way browse thru them. Using device gaining knowledge, Apple may want to test my iBooks purchases and advocate books based on style, popularity, or different elements. Apple may also already be doing this—or something that loves it—however, guidelines on iBooks desire to enhance.


I think these are only some features I think should improve iBooks in iOS 11 and beyond across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This is just part one. In component two, The Mac Observer’s editor-in-chief Bryan Chaffin will explore how Apple should show off iBooks in Apple Stores. If you’re a reader hoping to peer a few changes to iBooks, comment beneath and inform me of your thoughts.