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Bathroom Vanities You Need to Know About

Bathroom Vanities You Need to Know About

Changing the old look of your bathroom can be beneficial. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, it can be made functional. Many people believe that bathroom renovations are limited to changing the sink or replacing the broken features. This is because they don’t know that other features and adding different styles can bring a lot to the table. Bathroom vanities are such an important thing for a bathroom that can keep so many things hidden and, in its place, such as toiletries and other items. Having a bathroom vanity that matches various things and fits well can be so comforting. Apart from keeping your things organized inside it, it serves as a good point in securing the sink.


Bathroom cabinets can make your bathroom look more organized and tidier since your personal things aren’t out there lying here and there. Therefore, always consider the right type of bathroom vanity for your bathroom to make it more functional. I have discussed various types of bathroom vanities from where you can choose from-

1) Free Standing Vanity-

Free-standing vanities are a great choice since they could be installed with two sinks and offer storage space for your items. They are generally made up of wood with a ceramic top. Free-standing vanities come in various designs and size ideal for both big and small spaces.

2) Wall Mounted Vanities-

Wall-mounted vanities suit well the congested areas since they are fitted on the wall surface and do not take up space. Besides adding up space, wall-mounted vanities do not get easily corroded by the water and last longer than others. The ones touching the floor can easily soak water that leads to the growth of mold. The only thing to keep in mind is not to put a lot of pressure on its upper surface; otherwise, it can fall off and damage your bathroom. Buy your vanity from a trusted company that offers high-quality products.

3) Vessel Look Vanity-

In-vessel vanity, the sink usually protrudes out of the vanity on the talk to give it an exquisite look. The cabinet uses a rising bowl around the sink area, and these types of vanities are usually found in hotel restrooms or luxury bathrooms. The wooden storage space underneath creates a fancy look. These vanities are ideal for a wider space, and you can incorporate two sinks with two mirrors mounted on a wall and separated.

4) Under- Mounted Sink-

The basin is incorporated inside the vanity that looks more refined and modern. The edge of the sink may be out, but the pan lies inside. Such vanities look graceful and can take up a lot of storage space being wider. You can always enhance the look by placing a vase of fresh flowers between the two basins. All these vanities could be found in any color, size, and materials, but it is wise to choose the one that blends with the rest of the decor.