PUNE: Chief secretary Sumit Mullick on Wednesday stated the principal authorities had now not issued any round asking to hyperlink Aadhar wide variety to property card.

Mullick stated the letter attributed to the cupboard Secretariat on digitalization of land statistics and linking the equal to Aadhaar numbers have been deemed faux by way of the national authorities. He pressured there has been no such plan inside the offing.

The district data offices in the state had issued around to this effect to the revenue branch. But the revenue department officers had objected saying digitalization of land information became incomplete and so it become now not viable to comply with the relevant order.

Officials of the revenue department said that the letter becomes on a watermark sheet and turned into attributed to the beneath-secretary of the Government of India. The move was aimed at taking appropriate action in opposition to the ones now not linking homes to Aadhaar wide variety beneath the Benami Transaction Act.


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The letter, dated June 15, asked leader secretaries, extra chief secretaries of all states and Union territories, Lt Governor of Delhi and secretary of Niti Aayog to ensure digitalization of all land information from 1950 and linking the information to belongings owners.



The letter said that all files of land records, mutation data, sale and purchase statistics from 1950 of any immovable assets, which includes agricultural land, needed to be performed before August 14 this 12 months. The letter declared fake also referred to that property not kinked need to be considered for suitable movement under the Benami Transaction (Prohibitions) Amended Act, 1916.

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Officers of the settlement commissioner informed TOI that the work of edit module was being achieved and became in unique phases. While some divisions had sped up the work, there were a few problems with the entries. The public analyzing of statistics is being executed to make certain the corrected names are entered into the statistics to deliver out a blunders-unfastened digital report.

“Only after error-unfastened digitized statistics are uploaded can they be linked with Aadhaar. We haven’t any notification at the equal,” stated an authentic.