Home Computer Software Marine F-35s grounded due to software concerns

Marine F-35s grounded due to software concerns

Marine F-35s grounded due to software concerns

WASHINGTON – F-35B joint strike combatants based totally at Yuma Air Station in Arizona were quickly grounded due to problems with a key help device. The problem facilities at the stealth jet’s Autonomic Logistics Information System, or ALIS, The software behind ALIS is woven thru the F-35 and performs an important position in the entirety from planning missions to preservation. In April, ALIS 2.0.2 became installed on F-35A fashions and Navy F-35C models. However, it was not on time to get out to the F-35B leap-jet versions.

software concerns

“Maj. Gen. Mark Wise, commanding popular of 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, made the selection to briefly drop VMFA-211 flight operations pending fixes to a current ALIS software program upgrade within version 2.Zero.2 that has supplied a few anomalies,” Maj. Kurt Stahl, director of public affairs with the Third Marine Aircraft Wing, wrote in an announcement. “There is nothing wrong with the performance or protection of the plane itself; however, we must make certain the ground primarily based ALIS system is operating nicely earlier than flight operations retain.


Stahl stated that the F-35 Joint Program Office and high contractor Lockheed Martin had dispatched engineers to help solve these troubles associated with the replacement and said the issues center around “preservation codes not being meditated nicely within the machine.” News of the grounding became first said by Inside the Navy.

Critics of the F-35 will possibly capture the software program problem as extra evidence that the famously delayed jet is of defective design. The grounding comes just days after the U.S. Air Force commenced flying operations after a ground stop due for F-35A fashions at Luke Air Force Base. Those jets had been grounded from June 9-21 because of concerns approximately hypoxia among pilots. Since 2011, there had been 15 related hypoxia incidents for F-35A models – 5 of which came about inside the remaining month, leading to the recent grounding. A spokesman for the U.S. Air Force said the carrier that is the most important jet operator stated he became ignorant of any software issues with the planes being flown. A spokesperson for the F-35 Joint Program Office couldn’t be reached for the remark.

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