Home Life Beauty Beauty Salon Caught in Crossfire During Midday Shooting

Beauty Salon Caught in Crossfire During Midday Shooting

Beauty Salon Caught in Crossfire During Midday Shooting

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A beauty salon is the modern day business to be caught in the crossfire of a midday shootout. It happened at Mary’s Magic Curl on West Twelfth Street in Little Rock Wednesday afternoon.

“I turned into status right right here in front of this station,” says owner Mary Rollins. Rollins has owned the shop for 25 years. On a day while she’d typically be looking forward to her subsequent client, she says a car came thru whilst there were two younger men sitting on her window.

Then, she says, a typhoon of gunfire outside her door. “It went actual rapid,” she remembers, “increase, increase, growth, I heard all these photographs.” Leaving bullet holes in Rollins shop – steps away from in which she was standing. “So I stayed down till all the photographs stopped,” she says. “I would say at least approximately 7 or eight.”

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You can see bullet holes on a wall – piercing through her window. Luckily, in this case, nobody was harm. “I concept they became shooting at every other on the sidewalk or something, I in no way thought it happened here,” she says. Police say it’s the 6th drive with the aid of taking pictures this beyond the week. Five of these happening inside the identical 10-mile radius. “We’ve got some gadgets and we’ve got attempted to get them to step up their presence in that location,” says LRPD officer, Steve Moore.


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While police did appear to chase the suspects, they were not capable of catch up. Now, Rollins is hoping the violence stops.”I just desire at some point quickly things level out and it will be smooth once more,” she says.

Rollins says her vehicle became also hit with the aid of bullets at some point of the taking pictures. Police are nevertheless searching for the black Chevy Camaro driven by using the suspects that got away.

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