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5 Ways e-Contracts Increase Hit Rates and Reduce Close Time

5 Ways e-Contracts Increase Hit Rates and Reduce Close Time

When it comes to sales, it’s all for nothing unless you close that deal. There’s good news for you if you happen to be in the business. E-Contracts can help you seal those sales quicker and more efficiently. The key to completing a sale is momentum, and even the slightest hiccup can cause you to lose out. With an eContract, you have the complete process all in one.

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1. It’s A Yes From Me

It’s just more efficient to provide your customers with an eContract. Picture this. Your customer is at home, and you send over a contract for them to print off, sign, and return. Not everyone has a printer these days. Moreover, no one is glued to their inbox waiting for correspondence. It’s this type of hitch that can turn someone off. Whereas, if you use an eContract, the process is instant. Your customer has what they need, and they can quickly approve it. It really is that simple.

2. There’s Only One Contract

There is one contract, and it’s in the cloud. There is no fussing with prematurely sending something you weren’t finished with. Anyone who is involved in the sale process on either end can instantly access the contract, and it will always be the newest version of it.

3. The Upper Hand

We have all been there. There’s a customer on the hook, but when you reach out to them to finish the process, they vanish into thin air. It’s no coincidence… we live in a competitive world. It really doesn’t matter what type of industry you’re in either, and there will always be someone else trying to get in on your patch. With contracts, you have the upper hand. You don’t need to wait or stall; it’s all about using that sales momentum to your advantage and getting the job done. Easy.

4. Improved Data Equals Better Decisions

With contracts, you have all the sales data you need at a glance. This means sales managers can make informed decisions using real data. Better yet, you can see which eContract templates are the most effective, how long from creation to completion a contract takes to sign. It’s all about getting relevant information to help improve your overall sales. You can’t underestimate eContracts impact on every aspect of your business.

5. Environmentally Friendly

There are a few benefits to this. Firstly, you reduce your own paper trail, which means you can save money on your consumables budget. Secondly, you are helping protect the environment. Last but not least, you are letting your customers know that you have green practices. That’s an essential box to tick for customers these days. Especially when it comes to capturing business from the Millennial generation and younger, they are environmentally minded and often go out of their way to choose green companies. Interested in keeping up with the latest trends in sales and business? Make sure you are following Ad Marketing Buzz. There’s a wealth of knowledge on offer, and you can’t afford to have it.