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A storm’s beauty

A storm’s beauty

I spend the vast majority of my time monitoring storms from inside a studio at the same time as observing a multitude of radar monitors.

I have a look at several radar assets and parameters from dimensional to three dimensional. I look at each pixel of the radar display screen with a view to apprehending the whole lot the storm is doing and what it can be able to do a good way to the proportion that records with our visitors to assist them to stay secure.

When I or one of the contributors of the First Alert Weather Team is on the air monitoring extreme storms, that means that there’s the capacity for harm or damage to belongings. We deliver every factor of a typhoon from what it is doing to wherein it is and where it’s going.

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As unfavorable and even deadly as a hurricane may be, there is also the splendor of the complexity of a hurricane no longer simply meteorologically however visually. It’s the visible element that I frequently pass over. I have cameras at numerous places around the Mid-South but they nevertheless do not carry the real beauty of a storm.

Fortunately, with the rise of social media, we’ve visitors percentage their typhoon pictures with us and it’s generally after the storms have passed that I get the possibility to see a photograph of a storm that I was tracking on the radar. As scary as a few of the photos are, there may be adding an actual beauty to peer.


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I spent tons of the day Friday monitoring the remnants of Cindy as it moved thru the Mid-South after which later inside the day any other typhoon system that moved into the vicinity bringing heavy rain, the wind, and lightning.

At the end of the day, I went to my Twitter and Facebook web page to look if all of us had shared a photograph that may verify what I had spent the day tracking on the radar, and certainly sufficient, there were a few outstanding photographs shared by means of people following me.

Here are three that captured the actual beauty of the afternoon storms and made me take a second to be grateful that as adorable but ominous as those storms looked that nobody changed into injured and that there has been no extreme harm.

To Shawn Turner, Kris Bell, and Michael Donnell, thank you for taking a moment to share your pix with me and allow me to observe the actual beauty in nature.

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