Home World News World news photos: That awkward Trump photo, shirtless protests and more

World news photos: That awkward Trump photo, shirtless protests and more

World news photos: That awkward Trump photo, shirtless protests and more

In the heated politics of these days, fueled by countless non-spot insurance, satire, and a virus of memes, the lead photo in this week’s World News Photos is really worth a second appearance. At first look, it appears pretty obvious that everybody other than President Trump is having a dreadful time. However, as SFGate.Com wrote. It changed into additionally deceptive.

world news Many social media users targeted the supposed distinction within the pope’s mood while former President Barack Obama or different heads of the country visited the pontiff. Photos displaying the pope grinning and obviously playing himself with Obama or Angela Merkel had been juxtaposed with the smiley Trump-frowny Francis photograph.

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In reality, the pope did not appear in a horrific mood all through the picture-op, consistent with the photographer, Evan Vucci of Associated Press. Read the rest of his evaluation. Meanwhile, there were plenty of people taking to the streets around the arena to war over policy, politics, and justice. Check out the information on the world in our specific series above. During the campaign, Donald Trump estimated the cost of building a “big beautiful border wall” along the US/Mexico border at somewhere between $8-12 Billion, depending on which campaign video excerpt you watch. He ought to know, right? After all, he’s built buildings that now characterize New York City’s skyline – suffice it to say he knows the construction industry and what is possible and also what is not. Still, it now seems the DHS has put out a report that doubles that cost and doubles the time to build it as well.

There was a rather troubling article in Reuters World News on February 09, 2017, titled, “Exclusive – Trump border ‘wall’ to cost $21.6 billion, take 3.5 years to build: internal report,” by Julia Edwards Ainsley. The article wasn’t as bias as most of the anti-Trump media has written about the actual costs of building a border wall; the piece stated: “The DHS [Department of Homeland Security] report’s estimated price-tag is much higher than a $12-billion figure cited by Trump in his campaign and estimates as high as $15 billion from Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The article cited a 3-phase project. The first phase was $306 Million to reinforce the existing fence wall, wherein some places it is falling apart, in disrepair, or inadequate to keep out even a wayward elephant. The rest of the wall will be more costly, with the final phase being along the Rio Grande, where it will be difficult to build, costing much more. CNN tells us that Donald Trump is naïve and doesn’t understand how much a wall will build? Oh, and CNN news anchors would? Please spare me the hypocrisy here, as they call Donald Trump incompetent to estimate a building project for which he specializes.

What has happened here is interesting, and yes, pathetic. The left believes that only they know how everything should be done, and no individual, regardless of their experience and skills, could know more than they. We have brewed a left-leaning ideology of arrogance beyond belief, from academia to the judicial, and from the political elite to the media – and yet, for the life of them, they cannot figure out how on Earth Donald Trump was elected.