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Vivo to Beat Apple in Shipping On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor?

Vivo to Beat Apple in Shipping On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor?

A new Vivo smartphone has been leaked in a video purportedly showing an on-screen fingerprint sensor. The blurry short clip became shared on Weibo and showed a Vivo-branded telephone purportedly being unlocked using the fingerprint sensor embedded inside the screen. The 4-seconds short clip showed the cell phone sporting an all-metallic unibody layout with twin rear cameras. Gizchina said the Weibo video first and factors out that the smartphone sports a design that’s much like the Vivo X9 Plus, which has twin cameras at the back. One of the things lacking within the leaked Vivo handset in front is going through a physical fingerprint scanner integrated into the domestic button.

Vivo to Beat Apple in Shipping On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor? 1

Smartphone analyst Pan Jiutang shared the short clip on Weibo and added that Vivo could first release a smartphone with the era. Jiang, however, provides in his Weibo submission that Apple may be the manufacturer a good way to deliver the tech into the ‘global mainstream. If this video is legitimate and is kind of difficult to information from any such short video, Vivo may exhibit this era at the approaching Mobile World Congress in Shanghai later this month.

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The on-screen fingerprint sensor on smartphones was anticipated to make a debut this year, and there were rumors that Apple could bring the tech in its next iPhone. Some reviews have additionally pointed that Samsung may want to join in with the Galaxy Note 8 set to release later this yr, while others have said Samsung ran into troubles looking to implement this tech. Few fingerprint module makers have shown that they’ll start shipping on-screen fingerprint sensors to global handset producers this yr. CrucialTec, a fingerprint module maker, announced its solution that lets excessive-res scanning through glass with the button-unfastened design earlier this year. Synaptics has been another fingerprint module maker that introduced its optical fingerprint scanner for smartphones and drugs ultimate 12 months capable of high-res scanning thru 1mm of glass with a button-loose layout.

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