Got a hassle with your Android Smartphone? You may be capable of solving them with these 3 quick fixes, so you don’t want to send it off to be repaired. Before you do anything, returned up your information! That consists of your contacts, images, motion pictures, apps, and private statistics. Otherwise, if your phone decides to wipe its memory while you’re looking to restore it, you may lose the whole thing and should begin from scratch.


Now that your cellphone is subsidized observe the 3 brief fixes, which generally tend to clear up maximum issues with an Android Smartphone.

Quick Fix 1: Remove your battery

You’ve heard it a hundred times; however, turning it off and turning it back on again is frequently the simplest solution that seems to solve all way technical glitches magically. And that is usually the primary thing any smartphone restore service will do. Taking the battery out to pressure your handset to reset itself is likewise a great one. Just make certain that your handset truly has a detachable battery before you pull it aside!

With the tool on, do away with the again cowl and do away with the battery. Leave it off for about a minute, then positioned the battery returned in and closed the lower back cover. Your phone will load up again, but if it does not, press the electricity button to get it to begin. If this failed to fix the hassle, updating the software program could be the solution.

Quick Fix 2: Update your software program

In the same way that a Windows replace can deliver your PC the scary ‘blue display screen of dying’ simplest to be fixed the day after today by a Samsung replace, software program updates can do similarly splendid matters to your handset from including new features to solving insects.

So, to do a software program update, ensure you’re linked to an at ease Wi-Fi community and make sure your phone is nicely charged or plugged in whilst you are doing the update because it can take a while and put a drain on the battery. After all, you do not want a loss of life 1/2 way thru a reset. Tap the Settings icon in your apps listing, Scroll down and faucet About Phone, faucet Software Updates, tap Check Now and see if any new updates are available for your handset.

If you can not replace your telephone for whatever reason the Over The Air replace system uses, you can use the manufacturer’s software that got here together with your phone to test for updates. Plug your cell phone into your PC and open the PC suite. There need to be easy instructions to update the software program from there. If you’re still having problems, then resetting your smartphone to factory settings will repair your handset to the day it turned into born.

Quick Fix 3: Reset for your manufacturing unit settings

When all else fails, reset your phone place things returned to fundamentals, regularly getting rid of any nasty insects inside the process. Obviously, make sure your records are subsidized up first because you’ll lose all of it in case you reset to the manufacturing facility settings.


To reset your Android phone returned to the day it was born, tap Settings, Backup, and reset Faucet Factory Data Reset, after which tap Reset Phone at the bottom of the screen. Your telephone will ask you for a password before you could pick Erase Everything. If you’re locked out of your handset and can not perform a reset, your handset may additionally permit you to use buttons to carry out a reset as an alternative. In which case, begin by using turning off your Smartphone.

If you have got an HTC or Samsung device, press and keep the Volume down and Power buttons at the same time to pressure a reset to manufacturing facility settings. Meanwhile, for Sony Ericsson handsets, you want to preserve the Left, and Right buttons positioned under the display, press and release the Power button. At all times, you need to allow the pass of all of the buttons while you see your telephone’s display change, and the System Recovery characteristic should load. You may select Wipe Data or Factory Reset utilizing urgent Volume buttons to head up or down and the Home button to select alternatives. Select yes to delete all user statistics, then choose Reboot System, and your cell phone should now be reset to its authentic, manufacturing unit state.

Phone Repairs

If not one of the above labored, then the trouble can be beyond your capacity to repair. Or there may be dangers worried about fixing it yourself. For example, the microphone stopped running on my cellphone, and one of the popular solutions online turned into to ram a straightened paper clip down one of the ports, wiggle it about, and then pull it out truly quick. Naturally, I did not want to hazard adverse my highly-priced Smartphone.

It’s a time like this that smartphone maintenance is the exceptional manner to get a problem fixed. I took my phone in, and that they fixed it for a small price. Yes, I changed into reluctant to pay out for this. However, it’s a lot less expensive than if I attempted to fix the smartphone and brought on extra damage than precise. So it’s usually something worth considering.


Since the discovery of the phone, Adam’s lifestyle has revolved around something model of iPhone he takes place to have at the time. When not speaking to the guys at his local Geek Squad approximately the ultra-modern apps and functions, Adam enthusiastically enables others to understand the truth that solving your own tech isn’t always as complex because the producers make out. Although, if you ever have a hassle and feel from your depth, contacting professional cell phone upkeep is usually the most secure solution.