Pilot program uses Wi-Fi to connect rural Oklahomans to the internet

PERKINS — Many rural Oklahomans nevertheless do not have internet of their houses.

The 2015 U.S. Census information puts rural broadband adoption at less than 65 percent in the nation — lower than many of Oklahoma’s friends which include Kansas and Texas.

Despite $7 billion in stimulus funds being spent to amplify net infrastructure in the course of the Obama administration, rural Oklahomans nevertheless lag 15 to twenty percent at the back of their city counterparts in broadband connection charges.

Brian Whitacre, an accomplice professor at Oklahoma State University who has been studying rural broadband for years, says there are effects to this lag.

“Rural regions that lag in the back of in terms of broadband adoption were shown to have decreased profits degrees and higher levels of unemployment,” stated Whitacre. “Without high-speed connections, human beings do not have suitable get admission to to preserve related to circle of relatives, do research on health, search for jobs or have accurate online assets for their kid’s homework.”


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To deal with this trouble, Whitacre and a few colleagues in different states have developed an application that bypasses the highly-priced assignment of infrastructure building through loaning out wireless “warm spots” that may connect up to 10 gadgets to the net.

Four Oklahoma public libraries in towns with populations around 2,500 mortgages out these gadgets to nearby residents for a week at a time and ask renters to fill out surveys later on on usage conduct and delight. That permits Whitacre to acquire critical records. Renters are authorized to re-hire those hot spots, however, may be placed on waitlists.

Whitacre stated it isn’t always the availability of broadband offerings that account for the shortage of adoption in rural regions. According to a survey, the forty-eight percentage of humans don’t have the internet because they simply are not fascinated and 29 percent say it’s too expensive.

Whitacre hopes that making those hot spots to be had for free will assist people who aren’t interested in net to see the huge range of opportunities net access gives.

Marcia Patterson, who rented out one of the hot spot devices, empathizes with people who believe it is too highly-priced. An OSU graduate and accountant for 2 decades, Patterson is now a rub down therapist living in Perkins to assist deal with her aged father. As an independent contractor, she makes use of the new spot to record profits office work two times a month.

How the Internet Is Structured
The time period Internet is a contraction of ‘interconnected networks’ and, indeed, the Internet is a huge worldwide series of linked networks. The networks that make up the Internet can range in size from tiny (just or 3 linked computers) to massive (thousands of interlinked machines).

An Internet service provider (ISP) is a telecommunications business that promises Internet-related services which include getting entry to the Internet, area name registration, hosting, and so forth. ISPs enable you to connect with the Internet.

When you use your computer to get right of entry to the Internet from your private home you most probably hook up with an ISP through a modem and a neighborhood telephone quantity or via a committed high-pace line. When you connect to your ISP you end up part of their community, which permits you to get right to entry to the Internet.

The computers inside the office wherein you work are possible to be connected together right into a network known as a local vicinity community (LAN). This permits the computers within the office to communicate with every other. The LAN is maximum probably linked to an ISP and this connection enables you to get right to entry to the Internet from your workplace computer.

Either manner, your house PC or your office LAN becomes a part of the ISP’s community. The ISP will hyperlink in turn to a larger network to turn out to be a part of that network. That network could be connected to other large networks to create a communications system that spans the complete globe.