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How to test your home internet connection speed

How to test your home internet connection speed

Testing your net connection’s overall performance is a straightforward exercise. You don’t need any more software. All you want is a pc with an internet browser. But there are also some matters you can do to ensure you have become the maximum accurate reading of your internet connection. Here’s what to do.


Get ready

For satisfactory outcomes, you want to use a stressed-out connection if in any respect possible; in that manner, you don’t need to fear interference and overall performance fluctuations that could occur while you’re on Wi-Fi. If you have any other stressed gadgets on your home network, plug your take a look at the computer without delay into the modem, so the ones don’t intervene in your trying out.

Windows project supervisor

MicrosoftClick the Network column in Windows Task Manager to peer which apps, if any, are sending/receiving records to your community. If you’re caught using Wi-Fi—say, you’ve got a MacBook Air or a tablet or some other tool that doesn’t have an ethernet port—do what you can to limit interference. Make sure your Wi-Fi router is far from different electronic gadgets like cordless phones, and temporarily disconnect some other devices from your Wi-Fi community—after all, you don’t need another computer on your network to download a gigabyte really worth of software updates even as you run your checks.

While you’re at it, double-take a look at it to ensure your laptop isn’t downloading something within the history. Check the Task Manager on Windows (summoned via urgent manipulate-alt-delete) or Activity Monitor on macOS, and look for community information (it’s labeled “Network” on macOS, “Networking” on Windows). Close or cease all apps for your pc to maintain apps from downloading software program updates even as you take a look at your connection. Your bandwidth usage may not drop to zero and stay there. However, you need it as near zero as it’ll get. If your operating gadget is downloading updates, there isn’t a good deal you could do apart from wait and test your connection later.

If you’re having any issues together with your connection, now is a great concept to reset your modem and router. Switch them off and unplug them for some moments, then plug them back in and transfer them on.

Test your connection

Ookla’s Speedtest.The Internet is the most common web page to test your net connection; all you want is a web browser with JavaScript grew to become on (it typically is except you switched it off) and Adobe Flash hooked up. There are a couple of options if you don’t have Flash installed (and don’t want it set up). There’s an HTML 5 version of Ookla’s Speedtest. You or the Internet may use Speed of—me, which also uses HTML 5.

Speed of Me

Speed of. I am an HTML 5-based bandwidth graph that doesn’t rely on Adobe Flash. All you need to do at this factor is click the green “Begin Test” button, and Speedtest.Net will test both your download and upload velocity. This may additionally take anywhere from some seconds to a few mins, depending on your network velocity.


Those aren’t your best options for checking out your broadband connection; MegaPath additionally offers a pace take a look at, as well as what it calls Speed Test Plus, which evaluates the nice of your connection similarly to its uncooked velocity. Your ISP may provide a pace check tool, though you can need to do a little poking around for it. And router producers are increasingly more inclusive of pace checks in their merchandise’ firmware and/or the cell apps they distribute their products (although you’ll be using a wireless connection) in that latter case.

Isolate the problem

Linksys speed test

LinksysMany router manufacturers consist of broadband velocity-take a look at utilities within the router’s firmware and/or within the cell apps that deliver alongside them. Don’t be surprised if you’re not getting the top pace your ISP says it can deliver nearly no one does. But if your connection is considerably slower than what became promised, many different factors may be coming into play. There might be a hassle along with your equipment, or it may be a problem in your ISP’s quit. Most ISPs maintain a tech-assist page where you may visit to see if they are aware of any problems with their provider. This hyperlink will take you to the place of AT&T’s DSL troubleshooter.

If your ISP is not reporting a hassle, you could begin your personal troubleshooting using casting off your equipment as a thing. First, strive the usage of a specific laptop. If you get acceptable overall performance on the second machine, you can’t blame the ISP. If the second computer also has a gradual net connection, run every other bandwidth. Take a look at each of these suggestions:

Try the use of an exclusive ethernet cable to attach your PC to your router. Try swapping out the cable that connects your router to your net gateway (your DSL, fiber, or cable modem). Troubleshoot your router: Turn it off or unplug it for a minute or two, after which flip it lower back on. You should constantly be running today’s firmware on your router, so this is a superb time to update it if you haven’t lately. If you’re nonetheless not seeing a development, try energy-cycling your DSL, cable, or fiber modem.


If you’ve got jumped thru all of these hoops, and you’re nevertheless have overall performance troubles, it is time to call your ISP’s tech-assist line.