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Five Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Blog

Five Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Blog

1. Blogs are User-Friendly and Very Easy to Use

The upside to having weblog software in place of a website is that it’s miles very person-pleasant. The weblog makes use of a GUI, or a photo-person interface, which means that that that everything that you may want to do is laid out in easy to understand photographs. The blogging software additionally conforms to the standards of maximum different software program applications. For example, the picture icons you see in Microsoft Office applications are very much like the snapshots you may see internal of your weblog.

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The purpose that that is so important is that YOU can update your OWN internet site, and you do not need to pay high costs in net layout expenses to do so! There is no messing around with HTML code; you can keep away from having a stupid, lifeless website online that human beings only visit from time to time, and as a substitute, you could update it yourself and supply humans a motive to go back again and again and again. The different upside to that is that whilst you need something changed quickly, you can achieve this. You now not must wait on a web fashion designer or a virtual assistant; you could pop into the dashboard and replace the page you need to make changes to and click on shop, and boom – you’re performed!

Making everyday posts is also easy to do. In a few short clicks and then a few keystrokes for the frame of your put up, you could have sparkling, new content material for your weblog right away. If you’re feeling specifically innovative at some point, you may write a chain of posts and shop them all to submit on future dates. I will write 8 or nine blog entries at a time and shop them to post one or days aside. This is likewise useful in case you are going on an excursion. In February, my husband and I went to the Dominican for vacation, and before I left, I wrote blog entries to cover the week I changed into the long past and posted them earlier. On the days that I specifically, my weblog entries confirmed up on the weblog!

2. Blogs Are Easy to Navigate

All blogs follow a reasonably well-known style of formatting and navigation. Although each template may also appear distinct, they all incorporate the same popular elements. When I go to a weblog, I usually recognize wherein to go to see Recent Posts. I also know that on most blogs, I will be able to discover a place to enroll in the blog’s feed. A feed is definitely syndication of your weblog entries. That syndicated text is then sent out to your blog traffic feed readers and is sent out to the search engines like google and yahoo, and so on. This is part of why running a blog is so effective in getting people to your website.

Have you ever visited a website in which every menu has been extraordinary, and every sidebar contained one-of-a-kind textual content relying on in which you have been at the internet site? Those websites are complicated, and they do not lead the website traveler in which they ought to be going. With blogging software it stays widespread and is always updating itself. When you make a trade on one sidebar, it routinely updates each different sidebar, eliminating any form of confusion in your internet site visitors.

An exceptional ebook I need to propose is Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think.” Even in the case you don’t design websites, you want to study this book. A lot of the motives that I love blogs are mentioned in his usability phase. He references making websites extra practical by following his ideas but what’s so outstanding is that a weblog already conforms to many of his standards.

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3. People Can Subscribe to Your Blog and Stay Current

Now, I want to explain what RSS is first. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a circle of relatives of internet feed codecs used to publish often updated virtual content, consisting of blogs, news feeds, or podcasts. People who’re into blogging will use your RSS feed to do a few matters: They may additionally subscribe to get hold of a daily digest of the latest content. Think of how powerful that is in phrases of retaining you in contact with your goal market. If someone gets constant, up-to-date messages from you, you are always in their line of sight, and they will see what you’re up to, new services or products you are launching, and how much understanding you have on your preferred difficulty.

They can also add you to their feed reader. I even have an application that I use called Feed Demon, and this software tracks all of the blogs I am inquisitive about through taking pictures and updating the feed that comes from the blog. Each day I can open up this software program application and feature an instantaneous summary of each blog I even have subscribed to. I can evaluate what it’s for human beings are talking about. This permits me to live present-day while not having one thousand bookmarks in my net browser or looking to recall which blogs I preferred to read. The identical is actual for your visitors. They need a short, smooth way to be reminded which you exist and which you are posting matters that they want to recognize approximately. Normal sites don’t do that for you until you are putting out a monthly ezine that includes all of your commercial enterprise updates. By having the blog, you can almost reduce the monthly ezine and just let the weblog do the work for you!

4. Search Engines Love Them, and They Are Content Managers

In reality, it is so smooth to build content for your blog that I even have virtually created info-products based totally on the content I had blogged about during the last 12 months. Info-products grow to be simple to do because you are not creating fresh, new content material each and each time. What you weblog approximately should end up an article that can change into an e-book. Blogging gets you into the habit of writing and growing, allowing you to create data products without difficulty and results easily.

Your visitors can even love this due to the fact after they show up on your website online seeking out assistance in your chosen career, they could find an entire archive of superb content material. Most of my running blog customers will archive them beyond newsletters or e-zines on their blogs so that their customers can examine beyond problems while not having to download PDFs or visit 13 or fourteen one-of-a-kind net pages.

Search engines love blogs for some of the motives. Number one, they love the reality that clean, new content material is being published all of the time. Even if you are simplest updating it as soon as per week, you’ll nevertheless see the benefits from it. Every time you publish something to your weblog, the search engines are automatically pinged, and if you have a pinging software program set up, which is free and simple to use, it will routinely ping the specific services that ought to be pinged.

Number, serps love links and trackbacks. Hyperlinks are hyperlinks to other humans’ websites, blog entries, audio documents, and so forth. And tune backs are unique hyperlinks from a person else’s weblog access that let the alternative man or woman recognize you have blogged about her or him. It additionally posts YOUR entry on its web page for different people to examine. This is how running a blog also turns into so viral.

5. They Become an Active Networking Source for Your Business

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For me, I even have met several ultra-modern people thru my blog. Some of those human beings became clients, others have been simply common readers that became pals, and others asked me to collaborate with them on special tasks. By having a blog, you may come to be an area wherein people visit to find out about what it’s far you’re writing about; however, additionally to be able to meet you, get to understand you, and someday work with you. You can construct a community and allow different human beings to fulfill thru you, which then permits humans to speak approximately you and get your name available.

If you suspect general networking, you observed human beings showing up to an occasion for approximately an hour, rushing through the crowds seeking to get business cards and then leaving the event and by no means without a doubt having a true feeling of connection. I’m certain we’ve all skilled this. Blogging offers your fascinated parties an area to return to to learn about you. They can start to see how you each could advantage from understanding each other, and they will be more apt to the method you over time. This is a mile more effective manner to network, and also, you don’t need to fear approximately your enterprise card being thrown inside the trash.

Another manner that it becomes a networking device is while you reach out to different humans’ blogs. Once you start blogging, you may quickly realize that the complete world is blogging, and there are numerous great things to be studied. By visiting other people’s blogs and leaving feedback on their posts, you will do things: one; you may introduce your self in a non-threatening or non-imposing manner to someone you could not have wanted to e-mail in the past and two, via showing which you have a hobby in that difficulty on their weblog, you will benefit involved traffic who share similar pursuits.