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WTF! World Taekwondo Federation changes name because internet is a mean place

WTF! World Taekwondo Federation changes name because internet is a mean place

The World Taekwondo Federation modified its name to World Taekwondo due to ‘bad connotations’ that came with its acronym WTF. The exchange was made earlier than the start of the 2017 World Taekwondo Championships. The World Taekwondo Federation changed its call to World Taekwondo due to ‘bad connotations’ that got here with its acronym WTF. The federation’s unique name changed into used considering that its establishment in 1973. However their president Choue Chung-won felt that it turned into critical to rebrand the business enterprise to engage better with fans.

“In the virtual age, the acronym of our federation has developed bad connotations unrelated to our employer, and so it was vital that we rebranded to have interaction with our enthusiasts better,” he said. “Today is a crucial second in the records of our extraordinary federation. Since 1973, we were referred to as the World Taekwondo Federation. Over the subsequent 44 years we’ve got grown taekwondo into the global recreation it’s miles nowadays with 208 member countrywide federations international; we have led taekwondo to the Olympic Games and in 2020 may have the honour of seeing taekwondo at each the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and we have reinforced our federation’s position as an international chief in taking taekwondo past game and into the field of humanitarianism.”

WTF! World Taekwondo Federation changes name because internet is a mean place 1The exchange turned into made before the begin of the 2017 World Taekwondo Championships. “But we know that during this sort of aggressive international, we should constantly evolve and adapt to live applicably and enchantment to young and cutting-edge audiences. In the virtual age, the acronym of our federation has developed terrible connotations unrelated to our enterprise and so it turned into essential that we rebranded to better interact with our fans. World Taekwondo is distinctive and easy to recognize and reinforces the global nature of our recreation. Our imaginative and prescient is taekwondo for all, and as World Taekwondo, we’re assured we will build on our achievement to this point and acquire that vision,” introduced the President.


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