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Use mobiles, tap WhatsApp

Use mobiles, tap WhatsApp

Do now not deliver Unique Press cell telephones with SIM playing cards, do not get entry to websites at the radar of Intelligence corporations, save vital files in reminiscence cards, faucet WhatsApp. These are a number of the suggestions issued using the Maoist management in Chhattisgarh to the cadre, marking a sizable replacement of their propaganda’s tech equipment, in step with a document retrieved via Nation police.
The 25-page file, recovered after a come upon in April, states that for the first time, cadre up to the level of divisional commander had been allowed the use of mobile phones and tablets for smooth access to reading material.

As The Indian Express pronounced Tuesday, the report also exhibits plans to create a brand new quarter of operations alongside the nation’s western border, protecting pockets in districts and Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh, Gondia in Maharashtra, and northern Rajnandgaon and parts of Kabirdham and Mungeli in Chhattisgarh. The New Red Lines: Read the full collection right here. The file, which describes the brand new place because of the MMC (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh Confluence) region, confirms that “cellular phones and WhatsApp” at the moment are getting used to spread facts approximately the birthday party in those regions.


Under a paragraph titled “The spread of propaganda,” the file states: “Propaganda is being performed via pamphlets, banners, posters, statements and in recent times via mobile phones and WhatsApp. After making decisions, we must concentrate quickly on propaganda material, which must also be planned. We cannot rely handiest on computers.”
In a separate segment on the use of cellular telephones and tablets, it says permission has been granted to cadre as much as the extent of divisional commander for “leadership expansion and the convenience of studying cloth in preference to sporting books.”
These are some of the opposite recommendations stated within the file, which was tested through The Indian Express:

# “Sim playing cards must now not be used in these phones. Every electronic device has a microchip that conducts its number one functioning. And everyone has an IEMI number that recognizes other devices. These days, every cellphone or tablet has GPS monitoring centers. When your phone comes into cellular provider or WiFi internet provider, it receives registered on their servers.”

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# “It is wrong to agree that locations aren’t discovered in case you download from the internet. Special websites are under the watch of intelligence corporations, and it is mentioned that what website online is being accessed from where how typically. This needs to be kept in mind whilst downloading.”

# “Do not hold essential documents within the inbuilt reminiscence of telephones. Keep these in a separate memory card and use it when wanted. For other documents, keep a separate reminiscence card.”

# “Attach your tool to an up-to-date computer and test for viruses every six months. Acquire an anti-virus that can be positioned inside the cell phone if possible.”

# Keep WiFi switched off on the phones. When a download is needed, provide permission in your tool; in any other case, mainly keep it at the mode in which permission is not granted. Switch on Bluetooth when required or keep it off.” Senior Chhattisgarh Police officials, who have studied the record, told The Indian Express that this shift in stance turned into probably because of two reasons.