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Ios – The Turkish Period And Greek War Of Independence (1821)

Ios – The Turkish Period And Greek War Of Independence (1821)

In 1537, Ios and a few other small Cycladic islands had been captured by way of Hairedin Barbarossa, formerly a fearsome pirate who had to emerge as a Turkish admiral, and the Turks finally secured entire domination over the Cyclades in 1566, when they captured Naxos, the seat of the Duchy. The official Turkish call of Los presently became Antza, though the new conquerors also referred to as it Aine. No Turkish authorities settled on the island; however, Ios paid the compulsory poll tax every 12 months.

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A disaster unexpectedly befell the island in 1558. Turkish pirates with 14 galleys invaded the island and plundered and devastated the entirety of insight before sporting the inhabitants off to the slave markets of the East. Ios remained unpopulated for 21 years until 1579, when it turned settled by way of Albanians and those who had survived the 1558 disaster. Albanians also are stated to have settled on the island, even though on a lesser scale, on Markos I, which will meet the want for paintings palms. On both activities, the settlers had been hastily assimilated and Hellenized and no longer impacted the Greek individual of the island.

Their presence on Ios is attested best using a few names and the reality that in former instances, the population of the neighboring island of Sikinos used to name the humans of Los tsarouchades (after tsarouchi, a shoe with a pompon worn via the Albanians). The famous, sheltered harbor of Ios, which led the Turks to name the island Little Malta, performed a crucial function in its records. It changed into the scene of an episode for which the French have every cause to be proud.

In 1668, the French Temercours brothers, with two frigates and light boats, routed the Turkish fleet of Kapudan Pasha, which consisted of 54 galleys. Three of the Turkish galleys had been sunk, and 500 Turks have been killed, while the victor’s losses have been best 24 guys. The region wherein the struggle passed off, near the harbor of Los, is now referred to as Bourloto. A minor interruption inside the Turkish occupation resulted from the war that broke under in 1770 among Russia and Turkey, in which the Russians have been quickly triumphant. The Cyclades, consisting of loss, exceeded underneath Russian career for 4 years. The islands lower back to Turkish rule, but with the treaty of Kutchuk Kainardji in 1774.

Despite the truth that Los changed into a small, negative island, it played a terrific position inside the Greek conflict for liberation. The national uprising becomes proclaimed in a loss on 10 May 1821 using Panayotis Amoiradakis, two months after its respectable proclamation in the Peloponnese. This activates growth became naturally due to the patriotic sentiments of the Islanders. However, it can also have owed plenty to the condition that one in all its sons, Sp.

Valletta had already been initiated into the “Philiki Etairia” (the core of the rebellion) as early as 1818 and became indeed one in every of its most essential contributors. Valetta gave super help to the island, both throughout the War of Independence and afterward. In his honor, his fellow islanders erected a bust of him inside the essential road of Chora. The humans of Los fought the Turks both on their island, while the enemy tried to make a touchdown and at sea in their ships. The harbor of Los served as a haven and a base of operations for all Greek freedom fighters. Los was officially liberated and united with the relaxation of Greece on 10 March 1829, with the signing of the Treaty of London.


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