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The Internet has modified our lives dramatically in a speedy time. Are we now Internet Programmed? I locate myself in Internet advertising mode most of the time, wondering about the latest ways to make cash online. True, I must constantly examine something new whenever I log on. But is the Internet taking me the path I really need to go?


The Internet is complete of Information, supposedly at easy attain… Yet a big percent of users will simplest study a paragraph or 2 if they honestly find what they’re searching out with their search. Most can’t consider any of the records online due to the hype and lies fed to them inside the past. I still listen to “I located it on the Internet” sometimes but most need external evidence before they trust something they discover online. On the other hand, TV fills our lives with mindless goblet goop and negatively hyped news, and maximum looking have their nose glued to the screen living for the subsequent phrase…. Are the records on the Internet that awful? Is the Internet just too tough to understand? Or is it a lack of trust?

Maybe it’s miles due to the fact we had been played for as fools for too long? Companies and Internet entrepreneurs were saying for years it is easy to make cash on the Internet. Lots of people soar in with each foot… Only because of a super income pitch! Stop and assume! One of the first things MLM packages mainly say is, “Get your family and buddies involved!” Is that Internet advertising? NO! That must be the first clue that you will now not make tens of millions online with their commercial enterprise. Yet people hold attempting one program after some other in mass, just like they may be shopping for tickets to the lottery! – Internet programmed! Wake up, humans! Any business desires clients! Online or off.

Put your website in front of billions! – Internet programmed!

Sure your net site can be on the Internet, which has billions of customers from all around the world. But there are billions of internet websites already right here! Millions of them are ranking excessively in all engines like google! An internet site connected to nothing gets seen with the aid of no one but the own family and friends you give the link to (this is certainly linking to them)… I might guess eighty% or better of all internet pages never get visible with the aid of greater than 25 human beings.

I get a big kick out of these (so-called) entrepreneurs that brag up their website site visitors and online profits… I must visit their website (usually a replicated affiliate page) to check their traffic. I even have each Google and Alexa plug-ins on my browser and get immediate site stats… Folks, I created My Virtual Group (a non-advertising and marketing social website) only a few weeks ago. It handiest has a few contributors (quiet ones too), and we already are ranked higher than a maximum of those braggers pages! This gear also informs me which online applications are coaching backward marketing, best using their contributors. Not assisting them.

Viruses and such.

Another money-making recreation! Yes, there’s any such component, but… I was on the line for years and by no means paid a cent for the software. I do use unfastened safety. However, this is the most important drain in your laptop for what I consider a small danger. The maximum common virus? Your computer operating gadget itself and absence of preservation! – Internet programmed

Identity theft. Huge cash maker!

This became around manner earlier than the Internet. All statistics despatched over the Internet are encrypted and have been forever! One has to have information on Internet language and, in maximum instances, want a specific password to open an encrypted document. The laptop and software program to do such duties would price a lot or take so long to construct that not many would do it. Most threats are easy human mistakes. I realize. They display it on TV – Internet program.

Social Communities.Huge cash maker!

Need I say greater? Everyone scrambling to get the most pals… Spamming the crap out of them trying to sell them essentially what they may be seeking to promote to you… But never communicating otherwise.

Can you really locate your pals in your social communities? – Internet programmed!


There are mentors online who can certainly assist you and me… However, where do you find maximum mentors? Hanging around MLM and Internet Marketing sites. They will mentor you right into making you making them cash! – Internet programmed

Remember. Those are likely human beings that found a website and read the first few paragraphs. However, there should be a real mentor wherein this all began! All I ask is my mentor knows more approximately something than I and would prefer that something has actual benefit to me!

Google is aware of all – Internet programmed.

Google is aware of a way to be #1 on the Internet with the aid of telling all of us they are, make billions from people who can least have enough money it, and cram the Internet full of unreadable junk via promising millions (even as presenting pennies) to marketers who get the maximum perspectives to their ads.


You Can make a difference! Of path you may! But leaving one comment or posting one article will not do an awful lot, I am afraid! It will take dedication and several difficult works, no matter how you want to make a difference. Folks, a bit commonplace seeing that, and due diligence goes a long way in existence and online—the “smooth way” generally the way for someone else. Only you have got control over your lifestyles. Listen to that little voice that announces. “maybe I ought to take a look at this out. Or this sounds too suitable to be genuine.” and study the entire article. You will be surprised at what you learn! – destroy Internet programming! Scott Reynolds is a webmaster, internet entrepreneur, and CEO of Here Is Yours LLC, an Internet advertising business enterprise, who has been getting to know internet tendencies and advertising for over 7 years.