They make it less complicated to find the day’s price

Fuel prices are being revised every day. And how would motorists recognize what they’re on a given day?

To make certain that they do not get cheated on the gas stations, the petroleum companies have launched clever smartphone applications on Android and iOS platforms. Besides the professional ones, several programs made via builders have flooded the app stores.

If motorists need to apply simplest the professional supply, they can flip to the 3 packages of petroleum agencies — Indian Oil ([email protected]), HP (My HPCL) and the Bharat Petroleum (SmartDrive) to live up to date with the daily prices.

Making the mission less complicated, several app builders have incorporated the details right into a single utility. Fuel Price Tracker and MapMyFuel are some that have come up recently and been widely downloaded. Also, motorists who do no longer use smart mobiles can get the facts on the stations.

One has to ship the dealer code and exact code to sure cell numbers to acquire the info.

The SMS code for Indian Oil is ‘RSP DEALER CODE to 9224992249’, ‘RSP Dealer Code to 9223112222’ for Bharat Petroleum and ‘HPPRICE DEALER CODE to 9222201122’ for charges at HP gas stations.

ake another look at Customer Reach
A strong mobile presence will help you to fetch higher ranks on popular directory sites, thereby helping you to get a good local business presence. Reviews directly impact the local search rankings and thus, acquiring them is of prime importance. This, in turn, will increase exposure and help in acquiring new customers as well.

Take another look at Customer Experience
This is another key consideration while planning your ‘Think Twice’ strategy. Apps work great in improving the customer experience. Conventionally, companies mostly emphasised on the significant moments of interaction at the time of purchase. However, the customer journey is rapidly undergoing a major shift in entirety. It offers a complete solution to multiple facets of improvement including improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, reduced deviations and higher employee satisfaction.

Take another look at Customer Loyalty
An enhanced customer experience greatly helps in building loyalty, thereby increasing the user retention rate. The better it is, the more users are likely to return to avail your service. Loyal customers account a major stake in the total number of customers of a company. Ranging from startups to global enterprises, every business gives prime importance to loyal customers. With the help of apps, businesses can start a loyalty program by providing attractive offers and discounts to the existing customers. This, in turn, will not only help in retaining customers but also increase revenue.

Empowering the customers for advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing is an effective way for small businesses. With the help of an app, users can easily share their opinions on the web including social media, send referrals or write online reviews as well. Word-of-mouth is one of the proven and powerful tactics of marketing and with it, the task becomes much easier.

Final word
Apps greatly help in transforming the course of your business, thereby making it more customer-centric and prospering. Thus, it is ideal for small businesses to reconsider on utility of the apps for becoming growth-oriented