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John Di Domenico seems not anything like Donald Trump: He’s 17 years younger, several inches shorter, and a natural brunet, though lately, he maintains his head shaved to make placing at the coppery wig less complicated, and his eyebrows bleached to suit. Becoming Trump calls for a full hour of hair and makeup. He tapes three huge pix of the president, one in profile and instantly-on, to any mirror he’s the usage of, after which makes use of Ben Nye CoCo Tan foundation to show his pores and skin the requisite color of atomic tangerine, dabs on wrinkles, lengthens his nose, and so forth. Trump has “pretty a massive head,” however, there’s not a good deal anybody can do about that.

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Even with the elaborate costume, Di Domenico’s bodily resemblance to the president requires a bit of imagination – but of the numerous people who “do” Trump, his take is the most uncanny. It’s the voice. He recreates the uncommon way that Trump, to apply Di Domenico’s phrase, “speaks from his teeth”; the wild fluctuations of nasality; the inconsistent New York accent; the sibilant “S”s and exaggerated vowels. He has also mastered the neck jerk, the squint, the off-tilt swagger. When Conan O’Brien and Chelsea Handler wished a Trump for their overdue-night talk indicates, they called Di Domenico. He has also ended up normal on Fox News’s morning communication display.

Di Domenico enjoys the appearances on Fox and ABC, the cameos on Glenn Beck’s radio show, the invites to do adverts and spoof films. Still, he makes his dwelling at company occasions change indicates and personal parties. He’s the fellow executives rent to hold center control amused at national income meetings or to provide a touch exhilaration at the release party of a flu-discount medication. He’s the booth ornament that gets passersby inquisitive about your carpet enterprise. He is the entertainment. He can do Guy Fieri and Jay Leno and Austin Powers and Dr. Evil; however, his trademark impression has been Trump for the remaining decade. At the height of the 2016 campaign, that one influence earned him as an awful lot as $40,000 a month.


Whenever Di Domenico seems in public in costume, people turn and gawk. They pull out their phones to take video, or they giggle spontaneously. “Oh my God,” they are saying. Or, breathlessly, “Donald!”

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One afternoon in March, exiting a New York hotel, the sight of Di Domenico-as-Trump despatched the front desk supervisor right into a suit of giggles that verged on a panic attack. “Oh my god,” the fellow saved, saying, looking to capture his breath. “No way.” Faux Trump squinted, aimed a presidential finger within the guy’s path, and agreed to a selfie. Di Domenico has his chest and gut thrown out in the image, as though he’s mainly from the widest factor of his crimson sateen tie. The wig crests low over his brow. He’s flashing a presidential thumbs-up with one hand; his head is c


Once the Republican primary debates started, Trump’s expressions changed. He debuted “the get-outta-here hand wave, the skeptical squint – any manner he may want to discredit, dissociate, discount any individual,” Di Domenico advised me. He validated in short succession the elastic facial physical games indicating exaggerated disgust: eye rolls, shrugs, clicking the tongue off the top of the mouth as if to do away with an Rink deal, on time, become looked as if it would be an act of remarkable pe