Home Mobile After acquiring Nextbit, Razer sets sights on disrupting mobile market

After acquiring Nextbit, Razer sets sights on disrupting mobile market

After acquiring Nextbit, Razer sets sights on disrupting mobile market

Gaming Agency Razer – which has thus far centered on gadgets like gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, and gaming laptops – has now discovered that they’re making plans to enter the cellular gaming enterprise. According to the organization’s CEO, Tan Min-Liang, cellular gaming is “going to be a massive part of our enterprise.”

Nextbit Robin

Razer has entered into a partnership with telecommunications company Three Group as part of which they’ll be presenting precise tariff plans, offerings, and gadgets to electronic games. Besides, they will also be focusing on “future mobile devices.

“Right now, I don’t see any cell tool or software platform that truly fulfills the desires of the [mobile] games. There is a massive possibility to disrupt the cell marketplace,” Tan stated. Razer obtained Android gaming employer Ouya again in 2015, and more recently, Nextbit, maker of the cloud-centered smartphone Robin. So the company seems to have the expertise that is required to get into the mobile enterprise.


“With Nextbit, we now have the top tech leads of Android from Google with us, and the [former] lead clothier for HTC who has helped layout HTC telephones for [years]. We’re bringing together the excellent possible expertise at Razer to work on subsequent generation devices,” the CEO brought.

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