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8 Benefits of Enjoying Playing Fantasy Cricket Leagues

8 Benefits of Enjoying Playing Fantasy Cricket Leagues

Fantasy cricket has been around for a while now, but its increase in popularity over the last few years has been staggering. It has quickly become one of India’s most lovable e-gaming entities. IPL T20 fantasy cricket’s rising popularity is quite natural, with over a billion population going bonkers over cricket.

There is no shortage of fantasy sports apps in India. However, what makes fantasy cricket so popular in India? Does it provide any benefits?

India Sees The Rise Of Cricket Fantasy Apps In Recent Times | Forbes India

Yes, it does! Below are some of the key benefits of playing fantasy cricket league:

1. Increases friend circle

Playing fantasy cricket games online means you are connected to millions of cricket fans globally and allows you to compete with your family and friends. As it benefits you to reach out to the world and helps connect with the game’s pros, mastering the basic rules and joining competitions is not tough. Even if you never played any fantasy sports or have no idea about cricket, fantasy platforms will enable you to learn from unknown playmates. They will allow you to participate in the contests.

2. Enhances knowledge about cricket

If you are new to fantasy cricket, the orgame’same of cricket itself, but if you are an ardent lover of the game, participating in it is the best way to improve your cricket knowledge. Terms like batter, bowler, all-rounders, etc. are used only in cricket; if you play along, you will understand it well.

If you are up-to-date on the factors like pitch and weather reports, team news, player injury updates, playing XI, the current form of players, and head-to-head statistics, your chances of success multiply in the competition. It leads you to rise on the contest leaderboard for better prizes and rewards.

3. Get chances to create your team

It can be very interesting to create your team. The more you play, you understand each player’s strengths and weaknesses, and the more successful your team will be. What would be the strategy to pick your dream team? Which players will get a chance to play in your group? Whether you focus on selecting those players who score runs or take wickets? Your favorite IPL T20 fantasy game could be a great opportunity to choose an amazing team of cricketers.

4. Fantasy cricket league can be fun

Who would not enjoy participating in a cricket match where you can be a selector and a player? In this sense, you can select the players for your team’s fplayer’scific game based on your cricketing knowledge and skills. Since it all happens online, there is no physical exhaustion for you.

Think about how exciting it would be to watch a match because, as a manager, you know what will happen in the game as you have selected your fantasy team. And there are several benefits of playing fantasy cricket games which show why you should play games online.

5. Financial benefits

The one major thing to come out of online fantasy cricket is not the rankings but the real money or the rewards they generate. When playing amongst friends or online, you can win BIG if your team does well! It adds a certain degree of excitement in users’ minds and encourages them to participate in multiple contests. However, for practice, one could play for free, but when the stakes are higher, fantasy gamers know the game does provide real cash rewards.

Also, do not forget the bonuses and discounts that help users’reinvest their money for future contests.

6. No special equipment is required to play fantasy cricket

Most of the fantasy cricket leagues are free to join online. However, there are exceptions where they offer premium services with an optional fee and support you in winning the games. In both cases, you do not need any special equipment other than a computer with internet access to get started with the game instantly.

7. Playing fantasy games is safe, secure, and legal

According to the Supreme Court of India, fantasy sports are games that require skills that sets them apart from gambling. So, fantasy sports like fantasy cricket come under a skill-based contest, and playing it online is completely legal and secure in India except in a few states.

An individual at least 18 years old is qualified to play fantasy cricket in India. These games are ordered as the round of aptitudes, including ability factors, for example, information, mastery, judgment, system, and comprehension.

8. You can play anonymously

One of the biggest advantages of playing fantasy cricket games is it is an anonymous league. It brings out your competitive side without anyone knowing who you are, and there is no one to criticize you for making stupid mistakes or predicting bad scores. If you are still confused about these claims, check out any IPL T20 fantasy platforms online.


It is just a matter of time before you become an expert at fantasy cricket and understand the benefits and strategies required to win regularly. So, play the best fantasy games on the Dream11 app now!