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4 Best Crypto Loans and Lending Platforms

4 Best Crypto Loans and Lending Platforms

If you have some collateral and need some fast cash, you could sign up for an instant crypto loan from a crypto lending platform such as YouHodler. Using cryptocurrency lending platforms, you can quickly get some cash in your hands without cash out your bitcoins. Crypto lenders earn interest by lending their crypto assets to other investors. Typically, a crypto lending process involves lenders, borrowers, and a lending platform. While lending platforms usually connect lenders to borrowers, some platforms also act as lenders themselves.

Crypto Loans

Investors can always reach out to lending platforms to borrow money when the need arises. Based on a particular lending platform, lenders may set terms and conditions for the loan, such as the required collateral, interest rate, term, and minimum or maximum loan amount.

How do crypto loans and crypto lending work?

Although there are several crypto lending agencies out there in the crypto market, different platforms have different lending procedures. But, in general, here is how crypto lending and crypto loans work.

  •   You create an account on the lending platform and enter the loan amount needed.
  •   The crypto loan platform calculates how the value of crypto assets you will need to use as collateral.
  •   Deposit the collateral, and apply for the loan.
  •   When the approval process is completed, the lending platform will deposit the funds into your account.

What are the best crypto loan platforms?

Here are the top 4 crypto loan platforms you should know about:


YouHodler is one of the popular cryptocurrency websites that offer instant crypto loans to investors. You can use popular crypto coins, including BTC, ETH, BNB, and LTC, as collateral to claim your loan. So far, YouHodler has the highest loan-to-value ratio (90%). Get paid in USD, GBP, or EUR, and withdraw funds to your bank account or credit card.


Similar to YouHodler, Nexo also offers instant crypto loans to the public. The lending platform allows you to borrow sums ranging from $1000 and above. Since its establishment, Nexo has approved over $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency loans to customers worldwide. These come at a relatively low-interest rate. Depending on their location, a borrower can use his funds with the Nexo Card and withdraw cash to their bank accounts.


A popular name for a reputable crypto lending company. Bankera is a worldwide crypto lender that’s good for people who need small loans like $25. The loan-to-value is as high as 75%, making Bankera very attractive to the average person. The lending platform does not charge hidden fees, which is good news for every crypto investor. Coming at a cool interest rate, Bankera loans can be withdrawn in EUR and other popular currencies.


This company was established in 2017 as a solution for people looking for a reliable credit source in the blockchain ecosystem. Android focuses on the margin trading market of digital currencies. These days, few cryptocurrency exchange platforms support margin trading options. Bankera’s decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform allows lenders to connect with borrowers easily. Check out the above crypto loan platforms for competitive offers. But don’t forget to invest wisely.