What does a proper SEO of your website do? It helps you to rank in search engines. What happens when you rank? More people get to see your site and access your services. And what does this do to your business? It increases your revenue and helps you prosper. But to rank among 850 million web pages around is no piece of cake. The task is tedious and requires experts to get every SEO parameter right. Now, you can always hire an expert (which you always should at some point in time). These people are well-versed in what they do and will get to the drawing board to make your site rank. This does two things to your business. Ranks your page and brings in more traffic, hence a better conversion rate. Let’s focus on your business and ince the.

Why does Nike pay a dedicated te?

Post blogs, encourage visitors to post comments or reviews, maybe get in a video of something – all these will increase your online reach and let you climb in SERP. The very next link to your social media page must be your official site. This somewhat builds trust among visitors.


#1 – Reduce loading time

And once you have successfully attracted a visitor, it should take an eternity to load. Reports from SEO experts show, and Google confirms, that most people tend to get impatient when a page takes more than 5 seconds to load. The magic figure is 2-3 seconds, and you can achieve this by:

Using an optimum number of pictures of small size. Turn off video autoplay. Eliminating unnecessary plugins and add-ons. Delay pop-ups until the content loads. Create a website using single coding lines. Complex ones take more time for the browser/server to decode and hence lag your site. People enjoy fast internet, and a high-speed page makes them immensely happy.

#2 – Create authentic links

Backlinks are from other pages that direct traffic to your site. Search engine crawlers respect this fact as it sees your page as a site with valuable and helpful content. If it’s natural, it’s great, but you can always create a few on high-profile sites. The best possible ones are sites like Quora. If someone posts a query like “the best cake shop in Miami,” you can always post your pages’ link there. Again, if you have addressed a cake issue in one of your blogs, you can certainly post that link on any comment section.

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Apart from these, create internal links to the pages of your site. This will help users to find their way on your website. This will reduce the bounce rate and help you rank with any regular hassle.



#3 – Think mobile

Google is about to shift its ranking algorithm to a mobile-first index. This means that the search engine will scan your mobile web page first and then decide on your rank. A mobile page is quite different from a desktop version, and you must keep a few points in mind while creating one.

Content is more compact.

The web page should have more space for proper scanning. Viewability should never be compromised just because of a shift in OS. Create responsive pages while developing your site in the first instant. This way, your page fits the screen no matter which device it opens on, and all corners remain intact. But then again, you may also go for creating an entirely separate website for mobiles with a link to the desktop version.