Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), Microsoft’s trendy anti-piracy degree, is inflicting headaches for Windows XP users who’ve been correct approximately loading the present-day protection patches for Windows and Internet Explorer (IE). Why? Two reasons:


(1) Initial attempts to download and use WGA windows 10 mobile can also give you an erroneous blunders message pointing out that legitimate product keys on your true version of Windows XP are invalid. It’s now not surprising that a windows 10 mobile advanced version of WGA become hacked within 24 hours. Computer technicians anywhere had been confronted with every other exchange to Windows 10 mobiles software program requiring they either troubleshoot the hassle or find a manner to skip it. Thus, some other hack changed into born. Why does WGA initially file that legitimate product keys are invalid? Basically, as it’s encountering trouble, it would not recognize windows 10 mobile as a way to interpret differently. The hassle is:

(2) You need to re-permit ActiveX for WGA to run. ActiveX is the only Microsoft generation that integrates interactive content on web pages, like Java applets. WGA cannot run without ActiveX. Unfortunately, ActiveX has been exploited using hackers who determined vulnerabilities inside the era and use them to run their very own malicious software on your computer. As a result, one of the Windows updates you ran within the not so remote past turned off ActiveX to block this vulnerability. There’s the capture: You can not run Windows Update till you validate your license with WGA, which may not run until you re-permit ActiveX and lower your browser’s security so that you can load new protection patches! Good questioning! Microsoft’s help web page (in traditional “Microspeak”) does alert you which you are doubtlessly exposing your machine and that you will need to re-enable your browser’s protection after you assist Microsoft to ensure you are not stealing Windows:

Important These steps can also grow your protection threat. These steps may additionally make your laptop or your network extra liable to attack by using malicious customers or with the aid of malicious software programs along with viruses. We propose the method that this article describes to enable programs to perform as they’re designed to or to put in force specific software capabilities. Before making these adjustments, we advise that you compare the dangers related to implementing this technique to your unique environment. If you select to implement this system, take any suitable extra steps to assist defend your machine. We suggest which you use this method simplest in case you actually require this manner.



CYA We designed WGA to run off of ActiveX technology, software components we know will make your laptop at risk of attacks. We wrote ActiveX (it is right, we created it) and left a variety of holes that might be exploited. Basically, you may want to re-enable ActiveX and make your gadget susceptible so that WGA will paintings the manner we designed it to paint. Then and simplest then are you able to get the modern-day Windows updates to make your device run, um, “safer.” But first, we suggest that you decide for yourself that you really need to run WGA, so you can not come returned and sue us if your pc is attacked with the aid of a pandemic whilst you’re walking WGA to validate your license, which we additionally made you validate when you obtain your pc, which of path got here with Windows due to the fact we personal ninety-nine% of the market (tee hee).

But anyway, we love to look you jump through hoops and make you, again and again, prove you personal it because Microsoft is “antitrust.” Oh, and whilst you’re completed, consider making your system, um, “secure” once more by turning on something you operate to dam ActiveX or load our cool WGA ActiveX manipulate, which is essentially only a toggle that turns ActiveX on and off whenever we sense like exposing your system to extra safety risks so you can load greater protection patches with a purpose to work till a person figures out they do not.

The in advance model of WGA became compromised, and I expect that the contemporary model may be too if it hasn’t already. As traditional, tech-savvy human beings get around measures designed to protect copyright, and less tech-savvy human beings are left pulling out their hair looking to parent-out approaches to undo what Windows does for applications to “function as they are designed to.” Microsoft keeps showing it wishes better designers. They can’t seem to get away from ActiveX, although different applications do simply satisfactory without it. (Mozilla Firefox would not use ActiveX to permit internet page interactivity. That doesn’t imply it’s 100% safe. However, I’ve in no way needed to decrease safety to patch Firefox.)

Microsoft desires to eliminate WGA. It’s completely ridiculous to must decrease security to run patches designed to intensify protection. In this example, Microsoft desires you to try this completely for his or her advantage, now not yours. Microsoft argues software program piracy is high priced for every person, and so anti-piracy measures assist you. That might also or won’t be actual, but it is not the point. WGA is surely a horrific anti-piracy measure. It’s a backdoor technique that might not prevent or even gradually down piracy. Both true and counterfeit versions of Windows will still run without the updates, and this means that:

Users who recognize they have a counterfeit model may not validate, may not run the updates, and could still enjoy the use of Windows; Users with a counterfeit version they unknowingly purchased via a disreputable OEM seller, on line auction, or software program pirate will actually think Windows is damaged, will also forego updates, forever curse Microsoft, and probably buy a Mac. At any charge, very few will ever comprehend they have a counterfeit version and are not likely to feature in Microsoft’s bloated income margin; and. Licensed customers with the genuine product and valid product keys will retain to ought to prove possession if they want to run wished updates and could have to deplete greater money and time troubleshooting what Microsoft does to defend its very own pastimes, will forever curse Microsoft, and eventually purchase a Mac.


Antipiracy measures must be carried out at the source, not at the person give up. Microsoft may also attain higher consequences via more controlled production of its software products on the assembly line. However, the organization has been greedy. When you rush to market with a product you need to make as extensively to be had as viable, you’re taking shortcuts. Now Microsoft is backpedaling in an try and recoup its perceived losses. It’s being shortsighted and egocentric and can well lose money in the procedure. By imposing WGA and other consumer-give-up anti-piracy measures, Microsoft does little to affect software piracy — and increasingly antagonizes its paying customers.