Why Most Blogger Fails: Myth and Facts

Every blogger that start a blog want to be a professional blogger, fact that writing a blog is a simple manner are wrong. Why Atticus Blog most blog writer fails before the journey ends, why the new blogger fails to achieve their target. Below some of the reason why many bloggers fail.blogger

1 – Motivated By Money.

Myth: I can make huge income and money with blog, just start writing anything and put some ads. Just wait for the money pour in.

Fact: If motivated by money, go ahead for 6 month and yet just make a dollar a days with your ads network. The chance is sure you will give up before your blog achieved 10 months old.

Solution: Just blogging like usual, enjoying what you are doing now, put a passion along side without get motivated by money, place just a minimal ads not a big problem. The money will slowly generate by it self after that.

2 – Maintaining Too Many Blog.

Myth: If the A blogger can make $10k a month with just 1 blog maybe I can make even bigger income than that if I write a 5 different blogs. Let’s say with 5 blogs maybe I can make $20k a month.


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Facts: The blogger that make $10K a month know what his doing and achieve it with his passion on that blog. If you concentrate to maintain 5 blogs without know what you are doing – you are on suicide way. Jumping to many blogs without potential will waste your time, money for hosting and your energy that you put on your first blog.

Solution: Just concentrate maintaining just 1 niche blog that you had a passion on, focus on what you are doing now without thinking to maintain another niche blog. Give some time to that blog to succeed.

3 – Write Just For You Not The Readers.

Myth: I just want to write about my personal life and there is no readers want to read my life story.fails

Facts: Blogger that write for himself usually with neglected all the grammar, all the basic rules of blogging, and what other readers need. They just write what ever they want without show a care to other readers. When other post a comment you don’t reply it, when other contact you just ignore it. Here you’re wrong because even you write about your life other still want to read it, just communicate with other and make the story interesting. There are blogger that write about personal life succeed.

Solution: Communicate with the readers even you write about your personal life. Remember this; blogging is two ways process, if you put something valuable in your post sure other will stick to your blog.

4 – Write for Google not for Readers.

Myth: I must write a niche blog just for Google since Google will drive the traffics and reader to me. The readers will come if they reach my pages in Google.

Facts: If you write for Google, you’re totally wrong and put the blog in a graveyard. When writing you put all the effort to make the post get ranked higher in Search Engine, all the linkbait you use, all the problogger technique you try out but still no readers. Why this happen? Ask yourself. Actually Google follow readers, if your post write for readers, even your blog look sucks, and its still can attract readers.

Solution: Successful blogger must write for the readers because high traffics blog know what the readers want. Why the readers visit the blog and what they want is your main target. Must put the value and good content in the post first, after that you can make it more with Google or other search engine optimization.

5 – Not Socialized

Myth: Waste time to join the socialized community like MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog and other social community. If I write a good content there is no need to join such community.

Facts: If you don’t join these social communities likely you’re the only person will read your own post. Social community directories actually will expose your blog to other blogger. If you write a good post, luckily the other tends to linkback to your blog.

Solution: Actively join the discussion, add other to your community and give some visit to other blog in the community. Give your comments in other blog. That the way other will notice you.

6 – Ignore Blog Update.

Myth: Just write 10 article pillar articles that can increase my traffic and readers in a month, after that I don’t have to update my blog since I already post a great pillar article.myths

Facts: What makes blog and traditional website different is the blog ability to update the content often. That is why blog get more traffic exposure than traditional website. If you not updated your blog often, all the reader and subscriber that stick to you will go away. Why should they give a visit to your blog since there is no updated, just a crap of all post.

Solution: Just publish a post a day that enough because your readers know that you’re still maintain that blog with nice post. Just write a 200 words post likely make your blog alive.

7 – Blog About Make Money Online.

Myth: I want to blog about make money online, I had the experience, I had the tools and I already signup with cool ads network. This is my time to blog about make money online.

Facts: Blog about make money online is the hardest topics a new blogger choose. If you’re new starter blogger, don’t write about make money online unless you can proved you’re already make the big cash online. Prove is what hard to give to new blogger.

Solution: Don’t blog about make money online if you only blog for 3 month. If you start blog about make money online then you’re likely 90% to fails.

8 – Being Totally Copycat.

Myth: It’s easy to write a blog, just copy other blog article and post it in my blog.

Facts: Try to 100% copy other content and publish it in your post. Just wait the time when the real author notices your act and make a report against you. Your post also will be ignore by Google.

Solution: You can copy other idea or content; BUT, please elaborated with your own words and give your own comments to make it more uniquely. Don’t just copy and paste other content and material – do it yourself.

9 – Not Entertain Comments.

Myth: Comments is only a comment, let it be there – just ignore it.

Facts: Blog is two ways communication that involved the reader and the writer. That what make blog unique where readers can leave comments to express feelings. Better ways is to reply and answer the comments. Its enough to say “thanks you”.

Solution: To make comments better you can install these plug-in. That is reward plug-in for top commentators- and the Brian Threaded Comments plug-in.