The paintings of Nathan Mark Ward may be featured at the Argosy Gallery, 6 Mount Desert St., all through June. Exhibition hours are four:30-eight p.M.After graduating from Mount Desert Island High School in 2009, Ward attended the New Hampshire Institute of Art, where he had one of the maxima a hit senior suggests ever, selling all seven artwork, several to school contributors.

While Ward did not fish growing up, his lifestyles have been formed by using the sea. His father, John Ward, became within the Coast Guard, labored in a salmon fishery, and was barge captain for Dan Chalmers of Southwest Harbor. Ward considers himself lucky no longer handiest to have located an awesome gallery but to be sternman for Mike Kelley on Whitney Morgan II out of Northeast Harbor. To juggle both careers, Ward concentrates on his portray at some point in the winter months.

Ward paintings featured 1

His 1/3 solo show in 4 years functions paintings from fall 2016 thru spring 2017. His colorful, active artwork has been offered to clients from New York City and almost a dozen states, such as Texas and California.

Schedule Recording

This feature tends to confuse humans the most simply by looking at it; however, it can grow to be one of the most useful gears in your DVRs arsenal as soon as explained. Generally, while you visit Schedule Recording in your DVR, it’ll show a listing that allows you to enter particular instances and dates for all your different cameras. This listing is actually a guide you can craft into a unique recording timetable.

Say you want to document your 1st and third digital camera on Sundays at noon. However, simplest need your 2nd and 4th camera to file on Wednesdays at 3. You could turn this example right into a reality with schedule recording and specify many times, dates, and configurations that suit your precise programs. So as a very last example, if you desired to file the best positive shifts at your factory, you could specify the DVR to do so, and you can even have movement detection grew to become on for the duration of non-scheduled recording for any miscellaneous pastime that would occur when you’re no longer watching for it.

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Classifications – DVR vs. NVR vs. Network DVR

As a final notion, as opposed to going over any extra features (as we’ve blanketed the foremost ones), we shall quickly discuss the special classifications given to what are all essentially DVRs. A DVR is brief for a digital video recorder, and it’s the term that will be used in analog or HD-SDI surveillance structures where an instantaneous connection from digital camera to DVR is used. An NVR refers to network video recorders. Although these every so often has direct connection competencies, they’re usually used to record cameras related to the community, like IP surveillance structures.

A Network DVR is actually a DVR. This is capable of using a network for features together with faraway get right of entry to, Smartphone assist, and e-mail notification. Sometimes this can be called an NVR, but in reality, it’s now not the identical thing. For the most part, Network DVRs and NVRs exist nowadays within the surveillance global, as it’s far becoming quite rare to locate noncommunity successful DVRs.