The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine has asked that the OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission in gap Ukraine and the International Committee of the Red Cross helped find Stanislav Aseyev, a blogger missing because of June 2. Colleagues, family, and friends of Aseyev, who writes under the name Stanislav Vasin and contributes to RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service, stated that they had had no contact with him for more than per week.

Former member of parliament Yehor Firsov, an established acquaintance of Aliyev’s, alleged in a June 6 Facebook put up that Aseyev were seized in Donetsk and forcibly held by way of Russia-subsidized separatist forces controlling the region, facts he repeated in a June 7 Facebook submit and a June 10 Ukrayinska Pravda blog post, bringing up “unofficial sources.” RFE/RL Editor in Chief Nenad Pejic stated that Aliyev’s detention, if real, changed into “deeply alarming and lawless” and that he feared the blogger’s lifestyles would be at risk. “We call for that he be released immediately and that his safety is guaranteed,” Pejic stated.


Aseyev, who has noted his efforts to chronicle daily existence beneath the conflict situations within the Donetsk area as “my training,” publishes texts and photos approximately modern news and army tendencies, and posts approximately shopping, amusement, and subculture each in separatist- and non-separatist-controlled cities. He has also blanketed touchy issues relating to the struggle, including reactions amongst Donetsk residents to the obvious assassination in October 2016 of the infamous Russia-sponsored separatist commander referred to as “Motorola.”

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Vasin additionally reviews for other Ukrainian courses, including Mirror of the Week and The Ukrainian Week. Persuading Bloggers to Fall in Love With You.

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