If you have bought a brand new, modern TV set to make your entertainment area more attractive, you must know the basic tips about taking care of this TV set, which may cost you a fortune. Taking care of your TV set will also save you the cost of repairing and extend your TV’s life. This article will talk about some of the tips that will help you take care of your TV.

Turn off the TV Regularly

As experts say, the life of a TV set on an average is sixty-five thousand hours, and hence, you must switch off the TV when you are not watching it. Some people have a habit of sleeping on the couch while watching TV or sometimes doing something else while watching TV. Keep in mind that this is gradually going to decrease the lifespan of the TV set, and hence, you might need to take it to the repair center after two years of using the TV. Hence, it is always good to make it a habit to switch off the TV once you are done watching it.

Voltage Regulator or Surge Protector

Sometimes, during a power cut, when the power comes back all of a sudden, and if your TV set is in a on mode, then it might cause a voltage spike and may damage your TV. Sometimes, voltage fluctuations happen during thunderstorms and rain, which can again damage your TV. Hence, a voltage regulator can be a brilliant investment if you have many costly electronic items at your house. A voltage regulator will not only save your TV set from getting damaged, but it will also avoid damages to air conditions, refrigerators, etc.


Too much brightness can cause strain to your eyes and can damage your eyes, and hence, viewers should refrain from setting the brightness to maximum level. At the same time, viewing your TV set at the maximum brightness can also decrease the lifespan of the TV.
Thoroughly Read the Guide The guide that the manufacturers provide with the TV are too boring to read, and hence, most of us don’t even touch that when we buy a new TV. But, as experts say, that the user manual is basically the bible. Read through once, and you will get to know all the features available in the TV set.


TV sets should be stored at a moderate temperature, in a room, with no high ambient temperature. The TV should also be stored somewhere, where there is not too much humidity. Another significant factor that we have to keep in mind about modern-day TV’s is dust. We need to ensure that the place where the TV is kept is not too dusty.
Sharp Objects Sometimes, sharp objects can damage the screen of your TV if accidentally touched. Thus, you must keep the sharp objects away from the TV set. Holdcroft Services Inc. is a great place to have your TV sets repaired. They have been in this business for the last 40 years now, and the average turnaround time is 3-4 days. Call them to know more about their services.