Keeping the workplace neat and tidy is one of the most important things needed for the good impression of the companies. For the growth of the company, it is needed to have a well maintained and clean surrounding at the workplace. If the offices remain dirty, then germs and viruses breed in those surroundings. There are some equipments and items needed for cleaning purposes. By keeping a right cleaning checklist, the process of cleaning becomes smooth and easy. Cleaning the workplace takes a whole team to work in synergy. The best way to do a proper cleaning is by adopting an appropriate checklist of cleaning supplies for office and commercial places. The offices should have cleaning supplies in their inventory for the cleaning purposes. Following is the checklist required for a proper cleaning of the commercial spaces and workplace:

The main items needed for the cleaning purpose:

  1. Floor cleaning solution
  2. Mop
  3. Broom
  4. Gloves
  5. Vacuum cleaner
  6. Bucket
  7. Glass cleaning sprays
  8. Disinfectants
  9. Air fresheners
  10. Cleaning towels
  11. Brushes
  12. Trash bags
  13. Glass/Window cleaner
  14. Hand soap
  15. Toilet bowl cleaner
  16. Vinegar
  17. Towels to dust up

These items are the main items needed while cleaning the workplace and surroundings. Maintaining hygiene is always a necessity and these equipments help in keeping everything spick and span. There are few cleaning tasks that need to be done daily like emptying the trash cans, mopping bathroom floors, sanitizing toilets, sanitizing kitchen sink, organizing clutter, etc. While some tasks need to be done on a weekly basis, like mopping hard floors, disinfecting desks and tables, dusting lamps and computers, cleaning inside of refrigerator, wiping down mirrors or vacuuming carpets and mats.

There are some areas that need to be looked after in an office setup. They are as follows:

  • Kitchen area:

In the workplace, kitchen areas are the ones where the employees and workers go to grab their food and lunch, drinks, etc. Germs can easily spread in the leftovers and trash can in the kitchen area. One should make sure to clean the refrigerators by taking down unused items, and wiping down the shelves of the refrigerator. One should also clean the coffee maker, clean the sink with disinfectants and emptying the trash can.

  • Reception area:

The Reception area is the most important area of an office or organization. It gives the first impression on the clients and customers visiting the office for the first time. It should be kept clean and organized. If there are any welcome mats, they should be wiped and cleaned. The doors and windows should be dusted along with the tables, lamps and magazine holder. Mob and clean the floors properly to make them shine as if new!

  • Bathroom:

The Bathroom marks the most attention and cleanliness as it is where the germs breed the most. One should empty sanitary napkin dispensers and disinfect the floors and toilet seats. The glass cleaner should be used to wipe the mirror in the bathroom. Make sure that the towels are neat and tidy, and the hand dryers work properly. Don’t forget to disinfect the sinks and refill new toilet papers regularly.

Thus, cleaning the office area and its premises is not a luxury, but a necessity and is important for the well being of the employees. A right checklist for cleaning commercial and office places, is a prudent choice.