The Springfield Police Department can be featured in an upcoming episode of “Cops.” In a news release, the police branch stated that Springfield officers might be a part of the show’s episode set to air on Spike at 6:30 p.M. Saturday. According to the discharge, the display’s crew rode in conjunction with and recorded Springfield officers in 2016 from June 14 till Aug. 26. The upcoming episode will show a Springfield officer give “valuable advice to a young mother with a stricken beyond,” the discharge said, quoting an outline of the section of the show’s website. More “Cops” episodes presenting Springfield police will be aired within the coming months, the discharge stated.

Springfield police to be featured on 'Cops' in upcoming episode 1

Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams said, “This is a possibility for people to get a front-row seat to the styles of incidents we’re referred to as to on a daily foundation. The ‘COPS’ team is an awesome organization of human beings to paintings with, and we’re searching ahead to the network seeing the made from the various hours they spent with us.”


The display is produced by means of Langley Productions, consistent with the discharge. Langley Productions and police worked collectively underneath terms of a settlement evolved via the police department. The department did not obtain cash for its involvement with the display. Springfield police have been additionally filmed using Langley Productions in 2011 and 2014, the release said.

Watch the promotional trailer for the upcoming episode beneath:

Common DVR Features and What They Are. When people move to purchase an appropriate DVR for their surveillance system, they frequently marvel at numerous features and how they might apply to their state of affairs. Sometimes they realize what functions they may be looking for; even in other instances, they are not constantly privy to the greater, not unusual features available to them. To help set matters on an even footing, this newsletter will offer some facts approximately the extra normally used, desired and available functions that maximum DVRS have.

Motion Detection

This characteristic is almost as vintage because of the DVR itself, and it’s far certainly one of, if not the most commonly requested feature available. Motion detection is clearly the capacity to have your DVR trigger its recording functionality every time there’s obvious movement on display inside the video feed. This characteristic is beneficial for some of the motives. Still, the number one reason is to prevent having erroneous video files that not best clog up your machine but additionally make it an awful lot tougher to locate unique video segments. This is specifically real if you’re uncertain of the precise time an incident would possibly have occurred, as you’ll then have to search the hours of continuously recorded photos.

Sub-Features that assist adjust and upload to this major feature regularly include movement sensitivity and picture covering. Motion sensitivity is how lots of motion is needed earlier than it will trigger a movement-activated recording collection. For instance, the sensitivity may additionally decide whether a leaf blowing will set it off or if you’ll want something extra sizeable like a truck passing by way of.

Image covering, however, is used to determine zones in your video that you can now not want motion detection to be activated in. For example, if you have a tree in the nook of your video that is continuously being blown about, you can mask that a part of the video, and it’s going to prompt the movement detection no longer. Furthermore, even in case you mask a part of a video feed for no motion activation, it’ll nonetheless record the complete video feed if the opposite regions do spark off because of movement; so that you don’t want to fear about having sections of your video cut off must it start to file.

Networking and Smartphone Support

A DVR this is networkable gives a choice to remotely get admission to the DVR from computers within or outside a network. The subsequent logical step after this selection changed into the potential to get the right of entry to your DVR over your Smartphone. So when a DVR claims to have Smartphone support, no longer handiest can or not it’s networked, but it may also use an APP for your telephone to not most effective watch and modify and configure your DVR.

To fully recognize this features capability it’s going to require a few matters. You’ll need a strong and reliable net connection (ideally a cable connection for large bandwidth and reliability), you’ll want a configurable router as a way to permit port forwarding, and you’ll need a cellphone that supports DVR APPs (maximum Smartphone’s do).

Email Notification

Email notification in a manner is a sub-function of each motion detection and networking. The short and candy rationalization at the back of the email notification is right in its name. Email notification is the potential of your DVR to ship out an e-mail to any copy with you specify should movement detection or a scheduled email be activated. When it sends out the notification, maximum DVRs also send a picture of the modern-day video that activated the movement detection. This may be quite beneficial on the subject of catching something because it occurs. Still, depending on the amount of movement that occurs in your films, you may want to reconsider this option as it could replenish your inbox rather rapidly. Additionally, it would help if you had a community connection with the internet to get entry to make this feature work in any respect.