Over the past 12 months, Jerry Rainey stated he had spent $35,000 to rent a security shield, tear down a house, fell bushes, and construct fences, all to maintain homeless people from trespassing on a Eugene property he manages. And nevertheless, Rainey stated, he’s been unable to hold them from putting in illegal camps on the Toll road 99 North piece of industrial land that’s certainly posted with a no-trespass signal.

His frustration was glaring overdue Monday afternoon. He waited for Eugene law enforcement officials to arrive to dispose of the ultra-modern unlawful camp from the belongings, which became a mobile domestic park and sits throughout the railroad tracks from Train song Park. “It’s hopeless,” he said. “It’s a virtually hopeless scenario.”


City officials have faced demanding situations seeking to reduce unlawful camping in Eugene’s public parks and open spaces. But Rainey contacted The Register-shield to spotlight the difficulties facing non-public belongings proprietors who don’t have the staffing of presidency agencies. Rainey, vice president of Springfield-primarily based Cornerstone Services, is the personal representative of the property whose holdings encompass the almost three-acre assets.

“We ultimately knocked the house down,” he stated.

Rainey employed a security company to visit the assets as soon as daily to shoo away unlawful campers. Kevin Purkerson, fifty-one, had formerly been warned he becomes trespassing one of the illegal campers, the Eugene Police Department said. A police officer known as to the scene stated Purkerson for 2nd-diploma trespass on Sunday afternoon and informed him to depart. He didn’t. Rainey referred to as police Monday afternoon, and two officials arrived approximately a 1/2-hour later.

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As they started out drawing close to the camp, Purkerson left and crossed the railroad tracks.
Officials had been capable of seizing as much as Purkerson, who turned into hobbled by way of a therapeutic boot, close to the park. Officer Joe Stewart, an eight-12 months veteran of the pressure, later stated Purkerson informed the officials he became going “to take a rest” on the park in place of looking to elude them. Returning to the camp, Purkerson changed into informed by officers he may want to keep away from arrest if he speedy loaded up a red older-model Ford pickup and left.

Because the officers watched, a visibly irked Purkerson tossed some assets in the lower back of the pickup’s canopied bed, But couldn’t get the automobile to start. Stewart later stated the vehicle wasn’t registered in Purkerson’s name, But it hadn’t been reported stolen. Purkerson then left in a huff after receiving his 2d trespass quotation in as many days. The opposite officer, Ryan Solsbee, a seven-year veteran of the pressure, stated he typically handles three to five trespass calls An afternoon.

He stated homeless human beings routinely installation unlawful camps alongside the railroad’s right-of-manner alongside Toll road 99, on the stretch between Roosevelt at the south quit, the Randy Pape Beltine on the north, and mission onto personal property. “It’s the equal 50 (humans) up and down,” he said. “They simply flow from place to place.” The officials said illegal campers they send to the Lane County Jail often don’t continue to be there long because the variety of beds is limited and criminal trespass is a low-level offense.