When you’re supplied and take delivery of a mortgage propwall provider from a lender that is what you need to signal and return.


Stands for ‘Annual Percentage Rate’ regarding interest on a loan


The time period utilized by an estate agent to consult you propwall whilst you are a potential buyer of


When selling your private home an estate agent will ‘appraise’ propwall your private home to decide a modern-day cost for it.

Arrangement Fee

Some creditors may additionally ask for this fee for supplying or  propwall ‘arranging’ a mortgage


The transfer of possession from one man or woman to every other. For example in case you buy a leasehold belongings possession is ‘assigned’ to you via the contract.

Base Rate

This is the lowest charge of the hobby a bank will charge when it lends you cash and is used as a benchmark to set hobby fees for debtors. This price set by the Bank of England and is reviewed numerous instances a year. Lenders will fee debtors a margin above the bottom rate.

Bridging Finance/Loan

You may also want ‘Bridging Finance’ in case you are shopping for a propwall brand new property before selling your modern-day residents. This is to ‘bridge’ the distance before you have offered your home in order to complete the shopping for the procedure of your new assets earlier than selling your present home.glossary


This is someone who advises on mortgages and loans, referred to as a ‘mortgage dealer’

Capped Rate

The maximum set hobby fee you’ll pay on a loan for a hard and fast time frame. This way that the hobby rate can’t cross better than the capped rate for the duration of the required term, normally the primary few years of the loan.


This refers to a sequence of consumers and dealers. Most those who promote their homes are also buying at the identical time. There can be a ‘chain’ of numerous customers and dealers, each dependent on every other for the sale and buy of their new houses. If one consumer or supplier drops out the complete chain might also collapse, leading to a domino impact in which the paperwork for several homes is behind schedule or cancelled altogether.

Chain Free

This is while the owner of property would not need to sell the property so as to shop for any other, for that reason it’s far provided chain free.


Your residence is ‘Collateral’ whilst used as a assure you will pay off a mortgage to your lender. If you do not keep up with compensation your property can be bought by the lender to get back the cash they’ve loaned you.


This is the very last level of the property buying procedure – when the agreed sale charge has been paid by the consumer to the seller. Legal possession has been transferred from the vendor to the consumer of the assets.UK

Contents Insurance

This coverage is taken out to cover/guard non-public assets which can be in your private home.


This is the settlement that after signed by using the consumer and dealer binds both parties to the sale and buy of the assets.


This can check with a belongings that has had the loft converted right into a room, or a house that has been transformed into flats.


The call of the criminal method that transfers belongings possession from the vendor to the purchaser.


A requirement by using regulation at the owner of a property to either do or no longer do some thing with their assets.


Stands for Current Account Mortgage


This stands for County Court Judgement. If you have got a judgement in opposition to you for defaulting on a debt it may mean you’re grew to become down for destiny loans or pay a better hobby fee.


The prison files concerning a property.


This is a term used when you do now not do as you agreed, eg. Failing to make a loan fee. If you fail to make mortgage bills (or default), your home may be repossessed.

Delayed Completion

Typically finishing touch takes less than 28 days after the change of contracts. If it takes vicinity after 28 days then it is referred to as ‘delayed of completion’


In phrases of mortgages a deposit is the preliminary lump sum fee the consumer contributes closer to the total purchase rate of the assets.


This is some other word for the criminal fees concerned with buying a belongings.

Discounted Rate

This kind of loan has an hobby fee lower than the lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR).

Early Repayment Charge

This is a price or ‘price’ payable if you pay element or all your loan off in advance than agreed. This is used to compensate the lender for interest that might have been paid if the loan had run for the whole time period agreed.

Equitable Interest

When someone has a few prison rights to a belongings but now not which includes sale of the belongings.


This is what you certainly own – it is the distinction among the marketplace price of your private home and the quantity of the loan you still owe to the lender.

Exchange of Contracts

This is the point at which the customer and seller are legally bound to finish the sale.

Execution Only

A provider with out a advice, just carry out the orders of a consumer.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A loan which has a ‘constant’ charge of hobby for a hard and fast period of time.

Fixtures and Fittings

These are gadgets in a residence which are blanketed inside the sale. For instance lights, carpets and so on – those must be agreed / showed before a sale.

Flexible Mortgage

As the name shows this mortgage is bendy in terms of how you pay the mortgage again. An instance can be that it permits you to make overpayments or pay off your mortgage early.


Complete ownership of a chunk of land and the property that is on it.


This is whilst a seller (dealer) accepts a suggestion but later rejects it to accept a better offer with the aid of some other customer.


This is the other of gazumping – when the buyer threatens to tug out simply before the alternate of contracts if the fee isn’t always decreased.


Using loaned budget to development investments. For instance, buying a house with a small deposit and the relaxation with a mortgage after which selling the assets on at a higher price, creating a earnings.

Ground Rent

This is lease paid annually via the leaseholder of a property to the owner of the freehold. Usually it’s miles paid to the owners of the land on which the property/properties are constructed.


A individual who is of the same opinion to assure that they may pay a debt or mortgage if you default on price.

Home Information Pack ( HIP )

Also known as a ‘Sellers Pack’ this will be a obligatory Survey from the first of June 2007 to be produced by way of a home owner or selling retailers through a domestic inspector before a property can be placed on the open marketplace. The aim is to assist enhance the manner of buying and selling a home, it’s miles part of the conveyancing technique and will encompass targeted facts about a belongings.


Independent Financial Adviser


This is when you supply an estate agent ‘Instructions’ or the right to promote or permit your own home.

Joint / Multiple Agency

This is when you train multiple property agent to marketplace your house.

Land Certificate

The certificate that proves possession of land issued by way of the land registry.

Land Registry

A authorities office that stores statistics of land ownership and any fees like a mortgage.


A criminal file detailing an agreement made among a freeholder and people occupying their property for a specific period of time. It lists all the conditions which the leaseholder need to abide by means of and what the landlord’s obligations are.


Land or property is ‘leasehold’ while the owner has to pay the freeholder an annual amount of cash.


A character or corporation that lends cash for an agreed term. They count on to have the money repaid again with interest introduced – your loan enterprise is a lender.


Loan To Value

Maintenance Charge

A landlord charges for the yearly protection of a property which have to be agreed to your settlement. This consists of retaining the outdoor of the assets in exact order and gardening offerings in communal areas.


Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee – an insurance top rate some creditors may additionally need you to take out on certain mortgages.


Money borrowed from a lender to buy a property. The borrower has the same opinion to apply his or her assets as security in opposition to it until the mortgage is paid again.

Mortgage Deed

A document which has the information of a mortgage arrangement.

Mortgage Offer

An offer from a lender which details the phrases and situations of a mortgage.


The person who is borrowing money for the reason of purchasing a assets.

Negative Equity

When you owe greater than the market price of your property, or have paid or are paying lower back more than a property is well worth.


An offer, commonly below the asking fee, you’re making on a assets.


Open Market Value – the price a assets can attain whilst there is a inclined buyer and seller.


This is the moment whilst you repay your mortgage

Registered Land

Land including any property on it that is registered with the land registry.

Right Of Way

The criminal get right of entry to to a chunk of property a good way to get right of entry to your very own property.


Return On Investment – how much you get out of what you put in.


The manner of locating out if there are any unwanted effects now or planned for the future on a property.

Sole Agency

When a single (sole) estate agent has been given the right to promote or permit a property.

Stamp Duty

Tax paid to the authorities on the purchase price of belongings.

Subject To Contract

The point at which both parties are loose to tug out of a settlement earlier than trade of contracts.


A survey is the report produced by way of a building surveyor for the cause of determining the value of the belongings and if it’s far structurally sound.


A person or people (can be a business enterprise or organisation) who is entitled to occupy a belongings under the terms and conditions of a tenancy settlement.


The type of ownership of a assets inclusive of Freehold or Leasehold


The criminal proper to ownership of a assets.

Title Deeds

A Document that indicates ownership of a assets.

Under Offer

When a belongings has had a proposal general however contracts have now not been exchanged.


A service by way of an property agent or unbiased professional to decide the cost of a belongings within the cutting-edge market.


The man or woman who is promoting a belongings.