That is an extension of my last article wherein I mentioned the usability of old MacBooks compared to the practically useless Windows XP and Home windows Vista nowadays.

OS X Boot Camp - Other Alternative to Keep Your Old MacBook Current 1

As I mentioned in my preceding article, I am amazed by the usability and overall performance of vintage MacBooks. I’ve been the use of a 2006 Macbook (Intel Middle Duo) with OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and my HP Pavilion (Intel Center I5) running Home windows 8. Each is comparable for each day tasks like browsing the net, ordering pizza, checking email, phone syncing, watching films, and many others.

I am sincerely satisfied with the performance of my MacBook, but I needed to run some programs that I bought for my vantage Home windows computer. Consequently, I determined to try Boot Camp to run my Home windows 7 inside the identical MacBook. The Boot Camp manner couldn’t be better. It’s far superior to another “dual-boot” software that I’ve ever used. Once OS X is running, and Boot Camp Assistant started, you’ll install Windows inside the blink of an eye fixed. Home windows installation runs like in another Intel primarily based laptop, and when set up is whole, the MacBook may be commenced in both OS X or Home windows.

Maximum device drivers have been efficaciously identified and installed at some point of the setup method, but Home windows could not properly apprehend the audio card and digital camera. I spent quite a while searching for the right drivers. I went through many websites that suggested Realtek drivers for the audio card. I found several versions of those drivers and hooked them up with our success.

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I came across a web page inside Apple’s website wherein I study that drivers for these gadgets are not to be had for Windows 7 or above. I was about to surrender but determined to give it any other attempt. I downloaded the Boot Camp four Help software program. I thought this wouldn’t work because I’m the usage of Boot Camp 3. Consequently, I did no longer installed the whole thing. I first tried installing the audio drivers best without an achievement. Then I ran the setup program for the digital camera, and I used to be surprised to peer the audio card coming to life as properly. It looks like the digicam setup manner also includes drivers for the sound card. The cease of the tale is that I have a ten-year-old computer that runs both Mac OS X and Home windows 7 with similar overall performance as a Middle i5 laptop for 1/3 of the charge.