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Meet the world’s most powerful computer

Meet the world’s most powerful computer

Two a long time ago, China did now not have an unmarried supercomputer, and now it has the arena’s maximum power. China simplest began producing its first laptop chips in 2001. But its chip enterprise has advanced at a perfect tempo. So plenty so that Chinese-made chips electricity the arena’s maximum powerful supercomputer, that is Chinese too. The laptop, called the Sunway TaihuLight, contains some 41,000 chips and may perform 93 quadrillion calculations in keeping with the second. That’s two times as fast as the following-maximum-powerful supercomputer on earth (which also happens to be Chinese).

laptop The thoughts-boggling amount of calculations computer systems like this will perform within the blink of an eye fixed can help crunch exceptionally complicated records – along with versions in weather patterns over months and years, and decades. The BBC’s Cameron Andersen visited the TaihuLight at its home in the National Supercomputing Center within the gap Chinese city of Wuxi. Watch the video above to peer his distinctive appearance inside the global’s most effective PC and the challenges that this processing powerhouse might attempt to solve in the close to future. Join 800,000+ Future fanatics via liking us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. If you liked this story, join up for the weekly bbc.Com capabilities newsletter, known as “If You Only Read 6 Things This Week”. A handpicked selection of stories from BBC Future, Earth, Culture, Capital, and Travel, brought to your inbox every Friday.

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Victims of the San Francisco UPS shooting seem to had been targeted, police say. The 3 individuals who have been shot and killed at a San Francisco UPS facility closing week appeared to had been centered, police introduced Friday. The shooter, diagnosed using police as 38-year-vintage UPS employee Jimmy Lam, stated nothing and gave no warning earlier than he commenced firing, consistent with the San Francisco Police Department. Witness statements and video surveillance of the incident show Lam passing different people to get to his sufferers, indicating that the victims have been focused, police stated.

“We additionally recognize from looking at a video that there were instances where Mr. Lam exceeded personnel without. There was any interplay, and that would lead us to agree that those particular people were focused,” SFPD Cmdr. Greg McEachern said. The shootings of the victims were no longer captured on any video, police stated. Lam become sporting guns at the time of the June 14 incident. However, he best used one of the weapons, which San Francisco police described as an “attack-type” pistol with a prolonged mag. Both guns were seemingly stolen — one from nearby Napa and the other from Utah, in step with the San Francisco Police Department. Lam additionally had a bag with one box of ammunition, police said.

Three were killed, 2 injured in a shooting at San Francisco UPS facility.

After firing within the facility building, police said Lam calmly walked out of the construction doors and fired multiple rounds at every other victim, killing him. He then walked returned inside the building as police arrived and shot himself in the head as he turned into faced through officers. “The officials located that Mr. Lam become armed with a firearm, and he had it pointed at his head,” McEachern stated. “The officers informed Mr. Lam to place the gun down in an try and take him into custody, but Mr. Lam shot himself.” A general of 20 rounds have been fired for the duration of the ordeal, police stated. Investigators are reviewing a journal and computer located at Lam’s domestic. However, a motive for the capturing has still not been established, police stated.