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MAC expresses sympathy over deadly landslide in China

MAC expresses sympathy over deadly landslide in China

Taipei, June 24 (CNA) Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) on Saturday expressed difficulty and sympathy over a landslide that passed off in China’s Sichuan province earlier inside the day greater than 100 people are feared to were buried. The MAC said it has conveyed condolences to China on behalf of the Taiwan government and has presented to provide any vital assistance.

The Taiwan authorities hope that the rescue attempt will continue easily and that the citizens of the location can go back to their normal lives quickly, the MAC said. According to Chinese media, initial legitimate facts imply that forty-six houses had been buried and 141 people were pronounced lacking after a hillside collapsed inside the farming village of Xinmo in Sichuan’s Maoxin County.

Switching From PC to Mac

MAC expresses sympathy over deadly landslide in China 1You needn’t fear, however. Apple has listened to its clients and addressed their concerns. Switching from a PC to a Mac is not a bounce within the dark; it’s an easy transition to a responsive and powerful computer.


The fundamentals

A Mac is simple to apply because Apple has designed its packages to work comparably. Once you get acquainted with the Mac OS X operating system, the whole lot falls into the vicinity.

Moving your documents

Perhaps the maximum crucial element of converting to any new computer is the migration of your documents from one to the opposite. These documents may encompass files, songs, and images; however, it does not surely rely upon what they’re: your Mac will robotically comprehend nearly them all.

You have several methods to transfer your files. You can

replica everything on your PC to a USB or FireWire difficult power, join the tough force to the Mac, and download uses your local network to transfer the files burn the files to a CD or DVD at the PC, location this for your Mac and download send the documents to your Mac through your electronic mail account. When you have organized everything on Mac’s hard force, you can set up Windows (see underneath) and use your files as you would on your PC. If you do not want to load Windows, you will need Mac variations of the suitable software along with Microsoft Office (see underneath).


Having determined to make the pass from PC to Mac, you can sense greater comfortable if you still have Windows at hand. Fortunately, you’re capable of load Windows XP Home Edition or Professional (with at the least Service Pack 2), or any model of Windows Vista, using Boot Camp. This is a chunk of the software program that comes as preferred with each new Mac. (Please observe that you cannot load any Windows software aside from those given here.)

Once Windows is on your Mac, use it as although you are working on a PC. If you want the ability to get Windows and Mac OS X available simultaneously without restarting the laptop, install both Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.

Windows networks

If you are part of a Windows community in a workplace or at a domestic and anyone else uses a PC, you could still switch to a Mac without scary whatever. With a Mac, there is nothing to save you-you from sharing documents across the network, browsing the Internet, or sending and receiving e-mail.

Microsoft Office

If you need to continue the use of Microsoft Office 2008, truely deploy the Mac version. It has all the features of the Windows equivalent, which include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also paint on Office documents that originated on a PC and transferred your Mac-created Office work to a PC.

PC devices

You don’t have to shop for new peripherals whilst you convert from a PC to a Mac. Your Mac has pre-loaded drivers for hundreds of devices; because of this, it recognizes the full-size majority of peripherals consisting of printers, tough drives, joysticks, and cameras. Just install your tool using the USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, or audio connections, and you are up and strolling. If you’d come as a substitute, you may also maintain to apply your PC keyboard and mouse along with your Mac.


You can use your current e-mail carrier and e-mail deal for your Mac with no hassle in any respect. Please put your email account information into Mac’s Mail application, and that is it: you have efficaciously switched over. You can also get the right to enter any net-based, totally email with your Mac’s Safari web browser.

You may also, of the path, have an inventory of e-mail folders that go back for some time. Switching from a PC to a Mac is a good opportunity to do a little e-mail housework, but this does not suggest you need to lose any of your archived messages. Instead, if you have a fairly small quantity of e-mail, you may get ahead of it on your Mac. If you have a larger amount of mail on your PC and have several bills, you could transfer the whole using your ISP (Internet Provider provider) and IMAP (Internet message get right of entry to protocol).

Instant messaging

If you are used to instant messaging on your PC, you will be overjoyed with your Mac. It has an integrated feature referred to as iChat for textual content messaging and video calls.


Macs are wireless and well-matched with maximum routers. The available wi-fi networks in your region robotically register in your display. You needn’t lose any of the wireless capabilities of your PC, and with the aid of selecting a Mac, you can, in truth, find out you have upgraded your Wi-Fi capability.

Web browsers

Your Mac has the fastest net browser round: Safari. If you opt for it, you could use Mac variations of different browsers. However, the velocity and smooth-to-use functions of Safari will quickly have you hooked.

Software and video games

You won’t lose out on a preference of software and games when you turn to a Mac. Virtually the whole lot has a Mac model, plus you may advantage from precise Mac objects such as work.


When you switch to a Mac, you will need to recognize your records are comfortable. The right information is that Macs have integrated protection with regular free updates. Apple also constructs every Mac with its very own hardware and software program. The result is a laptop that resists viruses and spyware some distance higher than the average PC.