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How To Recover From The Top 10 Crucial Mac Disasters

How To Recover From The Top 10 Crucial Mac Disasters

1. Mac OS Official Keyboard Gets Liquid Exposure

Immediately disconnect the power cord and remove the battery from your Mac OS Official. Turn your Mac upside down at an angle to allow the moisture to drain out. Do not lay the machine flat because we want to separate the machine from the moisture. Be sure to have a towel or cloth underneath the Mac OS Official to collect the dry liquid. Be sure to allow at least 3 days to pass before you reinstall the battery and power up the Mac. This will allow the moisture to dry completely.

How To Recover From The Top 10 Crucial Mac Disasters 1


Hairdryers can burn the liquid onto important Mac components, which can cause an application or software malfunction. If you are desperate and money isn’t a concern, you can contact a data recovery company such as Techserve or DriveSavers after you pull the plug from your Mac. Another option is to take your Mac to an Apple Store but remember food and liquid damage is not covered by Apple Care.

If your computer starts up, and you are a self-sufficient type of guy, you may be able to do the next step by yourself. You will have to disassemble your Mac OS Official and swab down the affected area with distilled water or denature alcohol available at hardware stores. If you aren’t confident in dissembling your Mac, take it to a local Apple Store for cleaning. Be sure to clean the affected area because if left, the liquid may corrode Mac’s inwards over time.

2. Mac Stuck in Startup Mode

What do you do when your Mac OS Official stays stuck on the start-up screen? The first step is to reboot the Mac, hold down the Command and S key as the Mac starts up. This will allow you to boot into single-user mode, and you will see white text appear on your screen once you see the # command prompt, type /bin/fsck/-fly, and hit return. The Mac will go into file system consistency check.

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Be patient. This process may take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the problem that is plaguing the Mac. Don’t be alarmed when you see the message “File System was modified.” Repeat the command prompt step again and again until you see a message stating “no problems were found.” Once this message appears, type in the reboot.

If this doesn’t work and your computer is still stuck in start-up mode, insert your OS X install disc into the disc drive and reboot. As the Mac is starting up, hold down the C key. If you are running 10.4 or later, go to ApplicationsUtilitiesDisk Utility, select your hard drive and click Repair Disk on the First Aid tab. If there aren’t any disk errors, click Repair Disk Permissions. When this process is complete, restart your Mac. If you are running OS 10.2, you can do the same steps, except you will go to the InstallerOpen Disk Utility. If all the above fails, you will probably need to take your Mac to the Apple Store for professional repairing.

3. Mac Will Not Power On

If you attempt to power up your Mac and there is no start-up chime, sound from the hard drive or Mac’s fan, and the light on the power indicator isn’t on, unplug your power cord and remove your battery. Also, remove any other peripherals that may be connected, such as printers, displays, etc. Now after waiting about 2 minutes, reconnect the battery and power cord to check if your Mac will start up normally. If it does, you are safe and can plug back in all peripherals.


If this doesn’t work, unplug the power cord and disconnect the battery again. Now try to reset the System Management Controller. If the System Management Controller’s file has been corrupted, the Mac may not recognize its power supply. If you have a Mac Book or Mac Book Pro, hold the power button down for 5 seconds, then reconnect the adapter and press power to start up the Mac hopefully. If you have a Mac Book Air, you will need to hold Shift-Control-Option on the left side of the keyboard and press power. If you use another model, check with Apple Support or Google the model name of your Mac + SMC to learn how to reset the System Management Controller.

4. Mac is Running Slow

One reason your Mac may tend to run slow is that many applications and toolbars we may not use may be utilizing a lot of the Mac OS Official processing memory. It’s time to erase/consolidate some of those resources you do not need. Create a new folder and put all the icons and folders into the newly created folder. We do this because desktop icons and folders also use processing memory. Even more, if you want to consolidate, turn off some of the features you don’t need, like animations, effects, and scrolling bars. The simplest way to do this is to use TinkerTool, a free app that lets you customize OS X.

5. Mac Application Crashes

One cause of application failures could be system updates, downloading or installing a new piece of software or editing, or changing the preferences on your Mac. If you have done none of the above, the problem may be the application’s preferences. Go to ACCOUNTS, create a new account, and log in as the new user. If the application works with the new user account, the problem may be with the application preferences.

If this is the case, you could either reset application preferences by holding down command+option+shift keys when starting the application. You could go to the Users/Library/Preferences folder and remove the crashed application’s preferences. If you still can’t figure out how to reset the application default preferences, you could go to the manufacturer’s website.

6. Mac Makes a Mysterious Buzz Noise

If you hear a high-pitched noise or weird buzz coming from your Mac’s hard drive, that may be a warning sign,n it may be time to replace it. Another sign may be frequent application freezes or start-up freezes. Also, if files are starting up slowly or closing slowly, that is another sign it may be time to replace the hard drive. Your Mac’s monitoring system may say the hard drive is o.k. but don’t take any chances! Back up the drive asap!

7. MacBook Gets a Scratch

Some people have tried the DIY approach to repairing scratches. I have heard stories of people taking their MAC into jewelers to have the scratches buffed out. Other people have used put Vaseline into the scratch to mask it. You can try Apple Care, but usually, they won’t cover this. One solution is TechRestore. TechRestore can replace a MacBook display anywhere from $350 to $500, depending on the display size of your MacBook’s screen. PowerBookMedic is a good source to purchase a new display if you are handy and want to do it yourself.

8. Your Mac’s Fonts Are Going Exorcist

Small font files and corrupt files can cause application crashes and display issues. If you are running OS X (Tiger or Leopard), you can avoid it by going into applications and launching Font Book. Once Font Book is an open command, click a group of fonts to check if they are corrupt and then select validate fonts. Bad files and corrupt fonts can enter your system from being downloaded from bad websites.

If a particular file is corrupt, you will see a round icon with an X on it. Click the box next to the bad font and then select Remove Checked to remove the file from your system. If there is a yellow warning sign next to the font, remove the font file from the Font folder, restart the system, and hopefully resolve your issue. If you are running an older OS system on your Mac, I would suggest a font manager like Extensis Suitcase Fusion. This app is highly recommended and offers many ways to organize and work with your fonts.


If Safari is having performance issues, try Resetting Safari (go to Safari>Reset Safari). Doing this will give you the option to delete stored login information, cache, favicons, history, and cookies. Before you delete everything, try only deleting cache, favicons, and history first.


Many people use toothpaste! Yes, toothpaste can be used to remove the blemishes and scratches on your screen, but I wouldn’t recommend it because certain toothpaste brands may be more abrasive and could add more scratches.