I currently interviewed a On Dav gentleman, one with a vested interest in Android, and was enlightened on a number of degrees. During the interview, we hopped onto the thread of safety and dove pretty deep into the issue of malware and other Android protection troubles. Because of this particular element of the communication, my supply requested to remain anonymous (agree with me, this man is aware of his stuff and works without delay with a large company with a direct connection to Android protection).

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While discussing the Android Security Bulletin, we dove into the dreaded update rabbit hollow that led us without delay to the frustration that is customers not checking for or making use of updates. During this part of the communique, my interviewer interjected something that ought to be seen as a chilling recognition to not only quit-users, however Google, each OEM that manufactures an Android device, and each carrier that sells Android devices to purchasers.

Hold on a minute
Before I monitor this instead ominous reason for updates, I need to make certain you are not assuming this is yet another pundit crying to the heavens that “Android is nothing more than a playground for malware!” It’s no longer. Yes, it appears there are each day reviews of recent malware discovered, and some of the ones may even affect quit users (while others fall more in the proof of concept class). But the truth of the matter is, that’s why updates are launched, and why give up users must take the one’s updates (both on the platform- and the app-degree) seriously.

Let me take a second to mention something that everyone wishes to apprehend:

Updates are not only for adding new capabilities.


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That’s proper. Although we’ve got created a subculture of updates/upgrades simplest being vital whilst they carry new and thrilling functions to the systems, it’s time to rethink that technique. All updates are important—specially those who patch vulnerabilities. This is vices. For that cause, and that cause alone, you ought to check for (and practice) updates on an each day foundation. Make an addiction of it and don’t forget. Check for updates to your tool operating gadget and to your mounted apps as nicely.

And don’t keep in mind this to be yet another pundit baking a story where there’s none. This record involves me from a good supply working with a good enterprise (one that occurs to have a vested interest in Android and its protection). And if it seems like I’m being roperly to head. And while Android “O” releases (with the actual time scanner baked in), the platform will enjoy miles more potent defense towards malicious code. However, don’t expect, once that real-time scanner is in location, you may cross again to ignoring updates. Considering writers of malware are counting on ceasing consumer laziness, this is one cell addiction you want to get into and preserve.