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Chattanooga couple featured on new show

Chattanooga couple featured on new show

HGTV officials have introduced a domestic redecorate pilot filmed within the Chattanooga area, offering nearby PJ McKay and Thomas McKay. The pilot titled “Down to the Studs” is set to air later today at 2 p.M. EST on HGTV. It’s approximately the couple and their work flipping houses. PJ is a nearby actual property agent with Bender Realty LLC, and Thomas works for Unum as a marketplace specialist.

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The earlier closing year the neighborhood couple’s Instagram account @pjandthomas, which boast greater than 60 thousand fans, stuck production business enterprise CoolFire’s interest and the business enterprise approached the couple approximately filming a pilot for HGTV, according to a news launch. “When we were contacted about the possibility, we didn’t assume it turned into real,” PJ McKay stated in a prepared announcement. “This has continually been a dream for us each and we can’t even believe it has ended up a reality.” Filming started in November 2016 and completed taking pictures remaining month. They need to recognize in approximately a month if the show is picked up.

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“The hardest element has been retaining the display a secret,” Thomas McKay said in an organized assertion. “We are so excited for every person to peer the display and that we can sooner or later have a good time with the circle of relatives and pals.” The television pilot, based within the Chattanooga area, functions the couple’s first home undertaking for the show located within the ancient district of downtown Cleveland. The show features the couple and their design and healing partners Tania Temple and Sydney Hamon. If the display is picked up, the primary initiatives will be shot in Chattanooga. However, they might also function a few initiatives outdoor of the metropolis limits, consistent with an information launch.

Features And Benefits – What’s The Difference?

The terms “functions” and “advantages” are constantly thrown around while human beings are discussing marketing strategies and communications tactics – most of the time, with a sentence similar to, “We want this brochure to have real capabilities-and-advantages textual content at some stage in the complete piece.” At which point, each person generally nods in agreement. Who ought to disagree?

But of a path, if you requested the majority within the room, few ought to virtually agree on both because they are now not clear on what “features-and-benefits text” or “features/gain format” surely method, including the person who remarked. Why? Because it is an expression that does not really suggest a lot of whatever. It’s become advertising jargon. Let’s solve the confusion by first defining those two phrases.

Features: traits of a product, provider, or other supplying. In different words, what are the portions and components of anything it’s far you are marketing? For example, if you’re selling an automobile, some of the capabilities may encompass airbags, a convertible pinnacle, and an exceptionally effective engine. If you’re promoting a control consulting service, a number of the features is probably 20 years of revel in, an internet undertaking-monitoring device, and a beneficial report that the patron gets on the end of the method.

Benefits: tangible or intangible positives that clients and clients receive or revel in via a product, carrier, or different presenting. In other phrases, why could anybody want to do something its miles you’re trying to get them to do? Normally, it is fine to speak about benefits more than functions if you have to pick out. It’s the capability advantages that lead humans to act, not the functions. There’s an old expression inside the advertising world... “People do not need zone-inch drill bits. They need region-inch holes.” We’ve heard this statement expressed in another way and credited to exceptional resources (the maximum credible supply being David Ogilvy), but the sentiment is constantly equal… People do not purchase your product because of the capabilities it has. They buy it for the benefit they wish to acquire from using it. Let’s bear in mind the 2 examples above. The 3 features indexed for the auto have been.

(1) airbags,

(2) convertible pinnacle, and

(3) effective engine.

The corresponding advantages – expressed within the terms of purchase – is probably

(1) you’ll be secure,

(2) you may enjoy the stunning weather, and

(3) you may be able to impress your excessive faculty buddies at your upcoming class reunion. (People do not need airbags. They need to be safe.)

The 3 features of the consulting offerings have been

(1) two decades of experience,

(2) the online project-tracking device, and

(3) a report that customers acquire at the end of the consulting gig.