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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Talks About Being Close With Other Thai K-Pop Idols

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Talks About Being Close With Other Thai K-Pop Idols

BLACKPINK’s Lisa these days mentioned GOT7’s BamBam, CLC’s Sorn, and 2 PM’s Nichkhun. During an interview, Lisa stated that she was near the opposite K-pop artists who also are Thai. “I’m near with BamBam, Sorn, and Nichkhun, as we are all promoting in Korea,” she said. She laughed and introduced, “But I’m the simplest one who is close with them all; they aren’t in reality near with every other.”

Lisa also pointed out gaining more popularity in Thailand, pronouncing, “Our boss currently stated I could go to domestic and so I went again to Thailand, but several humans fantastically diagnosed me. The day I became returning to Korea, lovers were cheering for me at the airport and that they gave me lots of gives.” “It’s been six years because I got here to Korea, and my mom had a tough time as she waited for my debut. After I debuted, she’s been enjoying it. She even brags about me,” Lisa shared. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK these days made a comeback with their track “As If It’s Your Last,” which has been receiving a lot love seeing that its launch.

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