6 Technical Search engine optimization Recommendations to Growth Site visitors and Conversions for your Website

There’s no higher, My Update Web  quicker and inexpensive Traffic supply than Google. But you know that.

What you might not understand, but, is why your Website, despite having visibly higher content material, ranks under lots of your competitors in search consequences. There can be many reasons for this.

You won’t have enough nice one-way links, you on-page Search engine optimization might be vulnerable, or there may simply be too much opposition to your goal keywords.

One rating aspect, but, that might well be the purpose in your low search Visitors is your website’s technical Seo shape.

Technical Seo, in simple terms, relates to everything that impacts the overall performance of your Internet site and its relationship with search engine spiders.

A website with a sturdy technical Seo basis now not most effective makes it less complicated for serps to crawl and index its content, However also affords a significantly higher user revel in to its site visitors. Over the past to a few years, Internet site overall performance and consumer enjoy have become key elements in Google’s seek engine rating algorithms.

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So even when you have strong on-page and rancid-page Search engine optimization, you can’t rank properly in search outcomes without having a sturdy technical Seo basis. Here’s how you could Construct one.
1. Use a Comfy and Dependable Hosting Provider to your Website

For strong technical Seo, your Internet site desires to be hosted on Comfy servers because if it’s no longer, every different overall performance degree becomes ineffective. I made that mistake remaining 12 months and suffered badly. now not only changed into my Internet site hacked due to a bad Web hosting Service, But I additionally misplaced all my information since they did now not have any vehicle-recovery structures in area.


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Google maintains an eye fixed on this stuff. In case your Web hosting servers cross down frequently, and for long intervals, your scores will go through (Right here’s a detailed guide on measuring and tracking Website uptime). And if your website online is hacked or gets suffering from malware, you’ll be quickly blacklisted and eliminated from all seek results.
2. Accelerate web page Load Speed and Optimize Your web site’s TTFB

One in every of Google’s center values is to offer a simple and easy person experience to its searchers. That is why it comes down hard on gradual and poorly optimized web sites, despite the fact that they have got excellent content material. In 2010, Google officially declared page load Speed as a ranking factor and penalized web sites that did now not follow it.

In step with Moz, Google specifically calculates a Website’s Time To First Byte (TTFB). That is the average time it takes to load the primary byte of your Website information. you could evaluate your website online’s TTFB by means of the usage of Google’s page Speed Tool.

What’s the most quantity of clicks it takes to attain a bit of content to your website? If it’s extra than three to four clicks, Google’s spiders will take longer to move slowly your Website and index your content. Google spiders use internal hyperlinks in your website online to pick out and index applicable pages. To make their job simpler, you need to categorize your content in a way that no page is greater than 3 to four clicks away from the homepage.

For example, there are many running a blog and WordPress Associated blogs that cover topics like social media, freelancing and Search engine optimization as well. Categorizing the content material on such blogs makes it less difficult for Google to crawl and index content material. When Google spiders crawl a class, the internal hyperlinks could cause them to all of the weblog posts in that class.

How cybercriminals are using Android security

I currently interviewed a On Dav gentleman, one with a vested interest in Android, and was enlightened on a number of degrees. During the interview, we hopped onto the thread of safety and dove pretty deep into the issue of malware and other Android protection troubles. Because of this particular element of the communication, my supply requested to remain anonymous (agree with me, this man is aware of his stuff and works without delay with a large company with a direct connection to Android protection).

More approximately IT Security

Free PDF download: Cybersecurity in an IoT and cell world
Ransomware: The maximum essential issue you can do no longer to be a victim
How to make your personnel care about cyber security: 10 hints
Former US safety marketing consultant: Cyberattacks harm society as much as bodily infrastructure
While discussing the Android Security Bulletin, we dove into the dreaded update rabbit hollow that led us without delay to the frustration that is customers not checking for or making use of updates. During this part of the communique, my interviewer interjected something that ought to be seen as a chilling recognition to not only quit-users, however Google, each OEM that manufactures an Android device, and each carrier that sells Android devices to purchasers.

Hold on a minute
Before I monitor this instead ominous reason for updates, I need to make certain you are not assuming this is yet another pundit crying to the heavens that “Android is nothing more than a playground for malware!” It’s no longer. Yes, it appears there are each day reviews of recent malware discovered, and some of the ones may even affect quit users (while others fall more in the proof of concept class). But the truth of the matter is, that’s why updates are launched, and why give up users must take the one’s updates (both on the platform- and the app-degree) seriously.

Let me take a second to mention something that everyone wishes to apprehend:

Updates are not only for adding new capabilities.


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That’s proper. Although we’ve got created a subculture of updates/upgrades simplest being vital whilst they carry new and thrilling functions to the systems, it’s time to rethink that technique. All updates are important—specially those who patch vulnerabilities. This is vices. For that cause, and that cause alone, you ought to check for (and practice) updates on an each day foundation. Make an addiction of it and don’t forget. Check for updates to your tool operating gadget and to your mounted apps as nicely.

And don’t keep in mind this to be yet another pundit baking a story where there’s none. This record involves me from a good supply working with a good enterprise (one that occurs to have a vested interest in Android and its protection). And if it seems like I’m being roperly to head. And while Android “O” releases (with the actual time scanner baked in), the platform will enjoy miles more potent defense towards malicious code. However, don’t expect, once that real-time scanner is in location, you may cross again to ignoring updates. Considering writers of malware are counting on ceasing consumer laziness, this is one cell addiction you want to get into and preserve.

Seo suggestions you must observe in 2016!

. The Growing Prominence of Social Content material
There may be no thinking the importance of social media. Content from Fb, Twitter and LinkedIn, for instance, has a large effect at the manner people see agencies. More than seventy six% of marketers are the usage of social media to make their brands Extra seen and this wide variety is Rising all the time. An increasing number of posts on social media are being indexed on Google and different search engines like google and a emblem’s Fb and Twitter pages are almost always within the pinnacle consequences in listings.

2. Video Content Gets More Interest
Other than being a remarkable manner of attractive with your target audience, movies can also enhance your page ranking. A file published by Marketing Land discovered that videos account for 62% of all Google searches. It’s also been discovered that films obtain 50 times better web page effects organically, and the click-via charge is over 40% higher. Google offers More Attention to blended search outcomes, so it’s virtually really worth getting on board and which includes video Content material to your pages.

three. Make Your Internet site Cell-Friendlyshutterstock_368296283
In recent times, An increasing number of people are having access to the net the use of smartphones, pills and laptops than ever before. Last 12 months noticed a surge inside the wide variety of manufacturers who went “Mobile-pleasant” and this year has visible that fashion maintain. Google has additionally ensured that web sites which can be Cell-friendly have become a boost to their ranking on Cellular searches which will deliver More Mobile-appropriate Content material to the ones browsing on gadgets. With out question, making a Mobile-pleasant model of your website online is an more and more important issue.

4. Voice seek Compatibility
Voice looking is a handy and safe characteristic that people at the pass are using Greater frequently. This option is commonplace on almost all new Mobile devices and it saves the user time and effort. Ensuring that your Content is searchable thru voice searches will assist drive visitors for your website.
5. The Upward thrust of Content material Aggregation
A have a look at by using Digitalcurrent.Com has shown that human beings are Greater frequently searching for web sites that provide all the information they want in a single region. Content aggregation is a beneficial and realistic method for collating and displaying Content material on pre-targeted criteria to attraction to a positive demographic. Ensuring that the Content material in your website online is gathered from a ramification of authentic sources can assist build your own authority and drive site visitors on your web page.


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6. The Persevering with Growth of Mobile Appsshutterstock_255600274
Tech Crunch has expected that Greater than 50% of time spent on virtual media is spent on apps. Some other record has put the range toward eighty five%. corporations who spend time making an investment in an easy-to-use app will locate that this could translate into increased traffic and the revenue that comes with it.

7. Localise Your Seo
Permitting Google to recognise your location will force Extra traffic for your Internet sites out of your local location, accordingly increasing your applicable local target market. local Search engine optimization has come to be Extra prominent on account that Google released its Pigeon replace. Ensuring that your Content material contains key phrases which are place particular and customized in your target market will convey with it a higher search engine listing.

The Future of Financial Services

The benefit of creating economic Our Planetary transactions and economic services in widespread, had first been revolutionized when telegraph businesses delivered twine transfers. But with the coming of the latest age economic offerings like Bitcoin and Ripple, it’s far the time we address the question of what the future holds for the financial offerings of the sector.

Conventional cord Transfers

Allow us to start via first taking a examine how matters were occurring for those beyond one hundred fifty years due to the fact that cord transfers had been first delivered. Transferring finances the usage of a twine transfer technique thru a financial institution is not a single step process However a multi-step manner. It’s miles like this:

The sender processes his or her bank and orders the switch of finances to an account. Precise codes like BIC and IBAN codes are provided to the bank by way of the sender in order that the financial institution is aware of exactly where the budget need to be transferred.

The sender’s bank contacts the receiver’s financial institution by using sending a message via a safety machine, such as Fedwire or Rapid, signalling it that a transfer wishes to be made. The receiver’s financial institution gets this message, which includes agreement instructions as well, and then asks the sender’s bank to switch the quantity specified inside the message.

The sender’s bank now transfers the quantity. This is not done in a single move However bit by bit, so it is able to take everywhere from some hours to multiple days for the whole sum to be transferred.

To make the switch, the two banks have to have a reciprocal account with each other. If that isn’t the case, the transfer is made via a correspondent financial institution that holds such an account.
As you can see, this shape of switch relies overly on a mediator, takes greater time than it need to, and can show to be luxurious because the banks price some fee for their carrier. Disbursed currencies like Bitcoin provide a possible opportunity to this manner.


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Decentralized Currencies

What sets services like Bitcoin apart from Conventional services is that they do now not rely on a crucial mediator But rather perform the use of cryptographic protocols. The method is consequently faster, simpler, and much more efficient. The machine is quite obvious to both give up users as properly even as Conventional structures are vulnerable to fraud because of the complex process involved.

But, there may be a drawback to this too. With services like Bitcoin, it is straightforward to trace a transaction back to every unit fee’s introduction.

Solution? A Commonplace Floor

Increasingly humans are opting for offerings like Bitcoin and peer-to-peer mobile transfers, wherein a network operator ought to help customers switch funds by means of truly sending an SMS. Although these are indeed extra efficient, they’re an extended way from international popularity because there are numerous who nevertheless do now not have bank accounts, plus there may be the problem of restricted consumer identification in such services.

What could be ideal for all and sundry is if banks should tap into the capacity of decentralized currencies and overlap the supply code of services like Ripple on their existing device to shape a hybrid of the two. It would kill birds with one stone as:

Decentralized currency systems offer greater green transfers

Bank structures make certain most effective registered customers get admission to the carrier, doing away with the opportunity of foul play.

The arena has come a protracted manner since the last time an indigenous economic service system was delivered. There is in reality a crying need to improve this Conventional carrier and decentralized currencies like Bitcoin have proven them the manner.

Even though those are two one of a kind offerings and proper cyber security measures with their own shortcomings, in the event that they were to be implemented together, they could healthy each other’s gaps flawlessly, making for a device that revolutionizes the monetary provider device once more.

Getting started with Samsung Flow on your Windows 10 PC

Earlier this year, Samsung announced its Flow app would soon expand beyond Samsung PC’s and would work with any Windows 10 device. The service extends the Galaxy phone or tablet experience to the PC, making it possible to share files, view notifications, and more between the devices.

If you own a Galaxy phone or tablet and find yourself wishing it integrated better with your Windows 10 PC, you’re in luck. Here’s what you need to do to get Samsung flow windows 10 up and running.


A Windows 10 PC with the Creators Update installed. Not sure if your device has the Creators Update? Read this.
A Samsung Galaxy phone running Android Marshmallow or newer. (Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, A5, and A7 is officially listed on the Samsung flow windows 10 listing.)
Samsung Galaxy tablets must be running Android Nougat or newer. (Galaxy TabPro S, Galaxy Book, for example)
Get the software.

How to Setup :

Before we can do any of the cool stuff we have to pair your phone and PC. The process is very simple.


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  1. Open the Samsung flow windows 10 app on both devices
  2. On your PC, choose your phone from the list
  3. Confirm the passcode on both devices
  4. Click Register device on your PC
  5. Confirm the passcode on both devices again
  6. Enter the PIN on the PC
  7. Scan your finger on the phone

Now we can get to the cool stuff. Instead of typing in your password on your PC like a caveman, you can use the fingerprint scanner on your phone. It will make you feel like Tony Stark.

  1. Open Samsung Flow on your phone
  2. Go to the Settings
  3. Enable Simple unlock

If you have a compatible device, you’ll need to install a couple of apps. Download Samsung flow windows 10  from the Windows Store then installs Samsung flow windows 10  from the Google Play store on your Android device.Samsung Flow

The first time you run the Flow app on your Windows device, a prompt will instruct you to install the Samsung Flow Driver. Click Download and follow the prompts.

With the Samsung Flow apps installed on your PC and phone or tablet, it’s time to get the two devices talking to one another.

Open Samsung Flow on both devices, then click Pair in the Windows app. Using Bluetooth, your PC will look for an available Galaxy device with Samsung flow windows 10 running.

After a few seconds, you should see your device show up on the bottom portion of the Flow app on your PC. Select your device, click Pair and then verify the pairing code on both devices. You may be presented with a button titled Register device; click on it, and follow the prompts if so.

Now what?
With Samsung Flow set up and working, you can view notifications sent to your Android device on your PC, reply to text messages from your PC, share files between the two devices (select Samsung Flow as the sharing app on your Android device), or, more conveniently, your PC will now auto-unlock when you’re nearby with your phone or tablet unlocked.

Alerts and notifications will show up as native Windows 10 alerts in the Action Center.Windows 10

You will need to enable the Simple Unlock feature on your mobile device in the Settings section. With it enabled, you only need to unlock your phone and wake your desktop pc to skip having to enter a password or PIN on your desktop pc. It’s kind of magical.

How Does This Work?

Samsung Flow uses Bluetooth to allow your phone and PC to communicate. That means it won’t work unless your phone is physically near your PC.

  1. Get close to your desktop pc with your phone
  2. Tap the screen or any key to wake up the display on your desktop pc (if it isn’t already)
  3. Scan your finger with the phone like you normally would
  4. The desktop pc will instantly unlock
  5. That’s it!

Pretty nifty, huh? It would be cooler if you didn’t have to manually wake up your desktop pc first, but this is still quicker than typing in a password. The regular password input box is still there if you happen to not have your phone on you. Samsung Flow is a great app to have if you use Windows and a Samsung phone. You’re one step closer to being Tony Stark.

10 Seo Hints from Wikipedia to Outrank Your Competitors

However whether or not you’re a amateur or a seasoned, there’s constantly been ONE sore thumb that stands out in the enterprise: Wikipedia. Educators and content marketers don’t approve of linking to it on every occasion possible. They’re not precisely one of the most credible sources around either. Yet, here they’re, 15 years and counting.

There’s little question: when it comes to the last Seo fulfillment tale, Wikipedia tops the list. You may’t argue with wonderful inner hyperlink shape, exceptional long-shape content on articles, and user-generated content material. In a bid to make their pages benefit better footing, a few digital entrepreneurs even put their own hyperlinks on some of Wikipedia’s dead citations.

But rather than going to the dark side of Search engine optimization, acknowledge what Wikipedia is doing proper. Learn the ten best Suggestions and tricks from the encyclopedia itself – and use them to outrank your opponents.
Search engine optimization Tip #1: Expand consider by using presenting answers.

Now that search engines are loads smarter, people are greater confident to use natural language when typing in queries. That’s why Google sees 15 percent greater ambiguous seek terms these days than in previous years. What sets Wikipedia apart is that it focuses on solutions to what people look for on the Internet: be it the call of a rustic or a famous persona.

If you want to be an Seo achievement, cognizance at the people. Discover what your target marketplace is attempting to find. Then, align it with your commercial enterprise so you can provide solutions to problems. Are you an Search engine optimization business enterprise? Deliver solutions approximately Search engine optimization, virtual advertising and marketing, and Google analytics. Are you a eating place owner? provide insider Recommendations on the first-class eats to your local community.
Seo Tip #2: Create steady nice requirements for content.
Wikipedia employs excessive standards of great manipulate – notwithstanding every body being capable of modifying any article. In truth, it’s far way to this prepared editorial manipulate that most errors are spotted and corrected – in five minutes or much less. From time to time, the revisions are so brief that customers can’t discover any adjustments made.

In case you want the sort of love that Wikipedia gets from on-line customers, ensure to put in force topnotch standards on your own internet site or content. Use loose on-line tools to assist spot errors. Get skilled individuals who will double-take a look at content if You may come up with the money for it. Don’t assume to rank if the content you offer has been haphazardly prepared.
Seo Tip #three: Reach out to earn treasured hyperlinks.


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Please note the word ‘earn’ – not ‘get’. Whilst you earn something, it approaches you’ve labored hard for it and you honestly deserve it. hyperlink exchanges aren’t handiest unethical; they’ve been banned by means of search engines, like Google.

In case you need to benefit valuable links without visitor posting, reaching out to website administrators or bloggers is a good way to do it. Consider it as on-line PR for your content material. Personalize your technique based at the character you’re sending the letter to. Keep it brief, candy, and easy. make certain that the content you’re bringing to their attention is likewise applicable to their niche.

Director of content and search, Peter Attia, has pattern letters just for this cause. Since free to look it over and notice how You may personalize them to your intended function.
Seo Tip #4: Distribute hyperlink juice to other internal pages.

It’s certainly one of Search engine optimization’s pleasant practices – However it’s also noticeably one of the most overlooked. Linking to internal pages (not simply the homepage) does three important things:

Enables seek engine crawlers effortlessly discover the Internet web page
Allows customers navigate through relevant pages
Helps unfold link juice (ranking energy) throughout the web page

Wikipedia is a grasp at this trick.

Their search engine optimization web page for example, incorporates greater than 50 hyperlinks to inner pages that in addition help the subject (i.E. back-links, net advertising, indexing, sitemaps, and so forth.). not only do they make the task less difficult for search engine bots, they also make it quick and easy for human beings to find out extra on the situation.

Certain mussels could be genetically gifted to survive acidification

A crew of Cawthron Institute scientists has discovered that certain mussel families are much more likely than others to continue to exist expected ocean acidity, concluding that sturdy mussels inherit ocean acidification resilience from dad and mom.

These scientists found out those preliminary findings from their green shell mussel ocean acidification breeding trials.

One of those researchers, Dr. Norman Ragg, indicated that their trials suggest certain mussel households are much more likely than others to live on expected ocean acidity modifications.

“We’ve been engaging in bold breeding trials to determine how the long-lasting green shell mussel species will respond to ocean acidification. I’m thrilled to record these trials were remarkably a success,” the scientist pointed out.

Ocean acidification is a worldwide weather change phenomenon. As the level of carbon dioxide within the ecosystem will increase, the acidity of seawater around the sector is slowly increasing.

Through their trials, Dr. Ragg and his group have observed this pH trade makes it tough for young mussels to grow their difficult shells, that means a few infants will not survive the susceptible first forty-eight hours of lifestyles. However, the breeding trials display a few offspring are blessed with a more potent innate resilience, inherited from their mother and father.

The research team has also been studying whether or not the experiences of adult mussels are reflected in the resilience in their infants; curiously there does appear to be a correlation.

In this examine, adults had been kept in seawater of various relative acidity. After months on this environment, scientists caused spawning and monitored the offspring’s growth and survival.

“Results from the discern acidification trials look fantastic. They recommend person mussels who skilled notably acidic seawater have extra tolerant offspring than adults without this publicity,” Dr. Ragg mentioned.

This research is facilitated by way of enterprise partnership and Cawthron’s complete green shell mussel breeding program.

Through this program, scientists may want to get right of entry to super genetic insurance, reading green shell mussel households from populations sourced from across New Zealand. These households have been then cautiously reared and harvested by way of Sanford, presenting ideal studies fabric.

These trials are part of the broader Coastal acidification – fee, impacts, and management (CARIM) task, which aims to broaden ocean acidification expertise to decorate the protection and control of New Zealand coastal ecosystems.

CARIM is an NIWA-led collaboration, which includes partners Cawthron, University of Auckland, and the University of Otago. It’s a 4 yr assignment, funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE).


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During the campaign Donald Trump estimated the cost of building a “big beautiful border wall” along the US/Mexico border at somewhere between $8-12 Billion depending on which campaign video excerpt you watch. He ought to know right? After all, he’s built buildings that now characterize New York City’s skyline – suffice it to say he knows the construction industry and what is possible and also what is not. Still, it now seems the DHS has put out a report that doubles that cost, and doubles the time to build it as well.


Nokia Android phones: What can we count on to peer?

Nokia is making its way lower back, to start with saying that it’ll be embracing Android and producing some of smartphones and drugs over the coming years in Can also, leaving us to remember what might be coming from Nokia inside the destiny.

Nokia’s story has more twists and turns than a mountain pass, with an identical range of united statesand downs. The assertion that we’ll be seeing Nokia branded phones over again is honestly interesting, so we’ll be maintaining our ear to the floor and reporting on all the distinctive strands of this tale.

So with that in thoughts, what is the story on Nokia’s return to customer smartphones and what can we want to peer?

Nokia Android telephones: Two handsets rumoured

First up, there is rumours that Nokia is running on Two (or greater) handsets and those handsets are stated to be inside the prototyping degree.

Presently there is no word on what they is probably called, so it’s tough to talk approximately them as there aren’t any codenames to work from, which is wherein we regularly begin with hearsay testimonies.
Nokia Android telephones: Colourful Lumia layout?

In phrases of layout, it’s stated that the Nokia Android phones will provide a premium steel layout. Nokia isn’t always specially well known for steel layout – not like someone like HTC. That said, the ultimate Nokia-branded Android device we saw turned into the Nokia N1. The Nokia N1 was a Foxconn-built tablet, and it’s a Foxconn subsidiary that Nokia has partnered with for the return of its devices.
In phrases of information, aside from metal, there’s been speak of water and dirt protection.

Nokia N1 is a spectacular tablet, despite the copycat design (fingers-on)


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However, when Nokia began churning out Lumia handsets, there has been one aspect that made them stand aside: colour. No person else become making devices in hues aside from black or silver, perhaps gold, or a special edition purple. In the meantime Nokia was giving us neons with punch and verve. We are definitely hoping that we see these items once more.

But alongside the ones colors, Nokia has produced some phones that sense super and appearance amazing, without going all-out metal, like a lot of contemporary flagships. On the layout side, we might in reality count on a sense that takes us returned to a number of the Nokia greats of the past, or even a number of those greater exciting Lumia gadgets before Microsoft gadgets took over.

Presently there’s no word on what to anticipate from the cameras on approaching-Nokia gadgets – except passing point out of a 22.6-megapixel digital camera.

Nokia’s Symbian swansong earlier than this entire Microsoft factor became the 808 PureView. In some ways this become demonstrative of everything that turned into going incorrect at Nokia, providing a slightly below-specced phone that was too steeply-priced, sitting on a running gadget that lacked the client ease of the iPhone and the maturing Android (We are speakme 2012, don’t forget the burning platform?)

However, it gave us the forty one-megapixel PureView digital camera and that trumped everything else around at the time. PureView, with Zeiss lenses maintains into the Lumia line and the subsequent huge hit became the Lumia 1020, again punching difficult with the camera in 2013.

Payment apps grow in popularity

AUSTIN – A Bank of America survey shows a massive shift inside the manner we pay for products and services..

“Younger generations likely will now not utilize coins, checks or card within the way we use them these days,” said Bank of America Region Executive of Consumer Banking David Bader.

For millennials, digital currency is the maximum reachable way to cover charges and prices.

“I discovered it to be very convenient just to switch money among buddies and circle of relatives and additionally a few commercial enterprise clients,” stated Austin resident Albert Garcia.


To guard your self from hackers, professionals propose the usage of specific logins and passwords for each app and to by no means make a fee in public.

MORE the entire Bank of America Report

“Because if you’re sitting in a espresso store on publicly available wi-fi that doesn’t require a password the facts which you’re transmitting to and fro is open to whoever else is sitting around you and decides to attempt to sniff that facts,” stated cybersecurity legal professional Tim Newman.


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Services like PayPal and Venmo use enormously encrypted records security measures however there’s continually a few hazard in relation to the use of personal bank facts.

“With Venmo in particular it’s made public to other Venmo customers that that transaction was made…I don’t feel adore it’s essential for others to know,” stated Garcia.

More than 30 banks, which includes Bank of America, are jumping into the peer-to-peer fee enterprise with their own service, Zelle, which is billed as greater comfortable.

What strikes to your mind while hearing the word ‘app’? Something that makes your life simple or just an add-on to your phone? Small business owners mostly don’t give much importance to the task of building mobile apps. However, while considering the broader perspective; it actually serves as an integrated marketing solution. If executed properly, it can fetch great results for small businesses in terms of customer engagement and revenue generation.

Adhering this fact, it is the time for small business entrepreneurs to reconsider the importance of mobile apps in gaining a competitive edge. The ‘Think twice’ process will aim at redefining the way we think of customer reach, customer experience, customer loyalty and customer appreciation.

Take another look at Customer Reach
A strong mobile presence will help you to fetch higher ranks on popular directory sites, thereby helping you to get a good local business presence. Reviews directly impact the local search rankings and thus, acquiring them is of prime importance. This, in turn, will increase exposure and help in acquiring new customers as well.

improving the customer experience. Conventionally, companies mostly emphasised on the significant moments of interaction at the time of purchase. However, the customer journey is rapidly undergoing a major shift in entirety. It offers a complete solution to multiple facets of improvement including improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, reduced deviations and higher employee satisfaction.

Take another look at Customer Loyalty
An enhanced customer experience greatly helps in building loyalty, thereby increasing the user retention rate. The better it is, the more users are likely to return to avail your service. Loyal customers account a major stake in the total number of customers of a company. Ranging from startups to global enterprises, every business gives prime importance to loyal customers. With the help of apps, businesses can start a loyalty program by providing attractive offers and discounts to the existing cust