With technology and new inventions coming up every day, handyman careers have taken up the shape and are now offered professionally. No doubt earlier handymen were not required to have certain qualifications, but times have changed now. Services of handyman call for relevant skills, qualifications, and experience. This is so because; modern day tools are improvised and requires the person handling them should have proper skills and knowledge to work with them.

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There is no well-defined list of home services offered by a handyman, yet there are some common operations performed by almost every hand man. With changing era, handymen are now required to hold certificates and licenses from regulating bodies to work in authorized areas.

Here is the list of some common professional services offered by a handyman. Have a look at them.

Tile Installation and Repair:

If you are thinking of getting tile work done at your places, then it is wisest to choose an expert handyman. They have expertise in installing ceramic tiles, stone tiles and glass tiles. Professional handymen are not only efficient in installing new tiles but specialize in repairing and replacing the old ones also. In case there is a need of repairing or installing tiles at various places in your home arises, you should always look for the professional services of a handyman.

Bathroom Repairs and Improvements:

Frequent use of bathrooms and washrooms makes these places more prone to damages. An unlicensed handyman has his scope of operations limited from laying ceramic flooring to drywall. While a handyman with plumbing license can effectively manage all your bathroom problems. So while hiring a handyman to work on your bathroom area, look for a licensed handyman. Licensed ones will definitely provide you with quality services in repairing faucets, toilets, and showers.


Wall painting and decorating is yet another area where hand man services tend to be your first port call. Majority of handymen and women specialize in painting and decorating services. With their capabilities and professionalism, handymen can skillfully paint multiple rooms of your living spaces. So if you have a straightforward painting and decoration job, opt for calling a handyman.


Talking about energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and roof maintenance; attics are the general areas that tend to be neglected very easily. Efficiency in attic insulation, attic doors, and attic window installation; enables handymen to provide his quality services in checking the insulation levels. Moreover, they provide necessary recommendations for attic maintenance and upkeep, whilst performing both major and minor attic operations.

Outdoor Home Installations and Repairs:

Outdoor home installations, repairs, and maintenance are major areas of negligence. Services provided by handyman are not bound to areas discussed above, their other areas of operations include:

  • Fencing
  • Siding repairs
  • Gutter cleaning and repair
  • Installing of gutter guards.


There is no doubt that a professional carpenter can effectively undertake the woodwork of your kitchens or other rooms, still, handyman services are your next door service when you wish to get the doors or windows fitted. Handymen can install, disassemble and reassemble your furniture fittings with great efficiency.