If you are trying to increase the Domain Authority (DA) of your website and eventually bring tons of traffic to your website, then this blog is for you.

We all know that backlinking amounts for 50%-60% for a website’s SEO.

To attain more links, you can either sit there and wonder that people will come to your website and share it with their friends or on forums or break the imaginary bubble and start guest posting to boost the SEO game for your website.

When it comes to guest posting, there are two types – Black Hat & White Hat.

In this blog, I have discussed the White Hat SEO Techniques in this one!

For all the newbies I will quickly explain what is meant by,


When a blog that has a lot of quality content is published on a different website that shares a similar target audience, it is known as guest posting.

The 3 Steps to get a guest post published are:

  1. Search Websites In Your Niche & Reach Out On E-Mail.
  2. Write Content.
  3. Get It Published With The Changes (IF ANY).

For Example:

PortraitFlip, one of the E-Commerce websites who make handmade paintings from photos, did not stop at creating blog pages about painting related topics but pro-actively reached out to different sites that could feature an article with a backlink to their website.

Result: They got featured in top websites like Yourstory, Inventiva, The Indian Wire, and hundreds of other sites where the average readership was more than 1 million and brought a lot of traffic to their website, which caused a 2% increase in their DA.

But the question is which website would like to talk about your website?

Don’t worry following are 5 Guest Posting Methods to connect you with the right people,

  1. Target Listing Blogs:


Okay! So you might be wondering what are listing blogs.

Basically all the blogs which hold lists about a specific niche like:

  1. Best Startups In India 2019
  2. Top E-Commerce Websites To Invest In!
  3. Top X Websites Which Can Save Your Time On Y.
  4. Top Companies Who Can Get You X.

Just find these by making a quick Google search for your keywords and then reach out to the blog publisher from the E-mail, which is mentioned in the publisher section.

Your E-mail could look like this,

Hi (Publisher’s Name).

I came across your list a couple of hours back today. Helpful Content!

I contacted you because we also deal in a similar domain, and I think it might be a good fit: Your URL.

Anyway, keep up the excellent work!


(Your First Name)

  1. Broken Link Strategy:


  1. Type in the KW which you want to rank for. Open a blog that is relevant to your KW.
  2. Then check for broken links on the blog about your target KW using Check My Links extension on Google Chrome. Once you know the broken links and what content is expected to go there, it is time to reach out to the publisher.
  3. Send the following mail to the publisher:

Hi (Publisher’s Name),

I was searching for some information on (KW here) when I came across your blog about XYZ: URL.

Excellent content!

I especially liked the part where you explained (Personalized Remark Here).

However, I did come across some broken links, and I created a list of them which goes like this:

(List of broken links)

It would be awesome if you would consider adding some of my images and content which I have curated you can find those here (Link to your work).

It might be an excellent addition to the (Blog’s Name Here).

The advantage of this method is that the blog is already ranking, and if you get a link somewhere, it will bring traffic in a small amount of time.

  1. Target News Websites:

News websites are the best place to get your website feature and hence, are very difficult. The best practice is to stick to your domain.

  1. If you are a startup, find websites that talk about startups like Yourstory.
  2. If you are a website owner and want your blogs to excel, then find the news websites that might like one of your articles like – 5 Ways To Increase Productivity.
  3. If you are writing about food, fashion, or wellbeing, then contact lifestyle news websites.

News websites have a lot of traffic, and a link from them can rocket your DA.

  1. Finding Closed Links:

It happens a lot of times that a specific website shut down and leading to a lot of broken links.

All you have to do is:

  1. Find one of these websites in your domain.
  2. Find a link that will perfectly suit a blog of your or curate one.
  3. Do ahref research for all the websites which were linking to it.
  4. Send the following mail.


  1. Podcasts.


Yes, you read it right, A backlink or a guest post from a Podcast!

There are a lot of podcast production companies out there who are looking for experts on different topics to produce quality content every day.

All you need to do is reach out to these production companies and talk about your expertise or your brand story.

But where is the backlink or guest post?

Every podcast has something called – Show Notes.

These are the notes about the podcast which go with the podcast on the website; all you have to do is give the production company a link to come back to your website.

Well! That was the list.

Thanks for reading! I hope that I have given you a lot of work for the coming days to boost your SEO game.

All The Best!